Quote of the day (15-May-2021)

We should plant more fruit trees in our global forests. This will help sustain many species on earth and make our forests richer. When forests lack food, animals die or they invade human habitats. That causes the destruction of crops, farms and even human lives.

On Fruit Tree Plantation

Quote of the day (14-May-2021)

We all are unique and different. Do not be ashamed of it. Our attempt to be the same as others is our true folly. Living the difference is our strength. That is our identity and our unique signature on earth. Yet we should not be deliberate or desperate to prove it. When we are natural and in full acceptance of ourselves, we are displaying our difference unintentionally. This is our true and exact representation.

On Dare to be Different

Quote of the day (12-May-2021)

“This is how I am and I cannot change” is one of the biggest superstitions that most people possess. In fact every moment, every day, we are changing. Body, mind and intellect are changing. Understanding and awareness are changing. When we learn to be flexible and flow with time, we learn to live and love. We learn to accept ourselves. Rigid minds are more prone to failures in life.

Rigid Minds

Quote of the day (09-May-2021)

Truth sits everywhere. Truth sits in everything. You may not find truth in textbooks and schools which teach skills to maneuver in the world. But you can find truth in nature, truth in yourself and truth lying, waiting to reveal itself if you will pay attention to it enough. Search and you will find the truth. Knock and the truth will reveal itself. This is the code, the secret. If you will pay attention, you will only see the truth in all things around you.
Life is like a fast car changing scenes before you get to enjoy it fully and completely. Before your eyes lock on an object, it is behind you and another object appears on your horizon. Changes and disappearing acts define our life. It defines the temporary state of our existence. Life is a great school. Truth is revealed through this school. If we learn to see the truth in all beings around us, we will start recognizing the truth within us too. This is what the Datta tradition teaches us. To find truth in all beings and assimilate it in our life to know ourselves. Our state of recognizing only the truth everywhere is our guru and guide. This guru is inside us.

Truth and Tradition

Quote of the day (06-May-2021)

I follow the Dattatreya Tradition, the path of total dissolution; independence from the darkness of ignorance and the birth and death patterns. Our culture is that of ahimsa, respect, acceptance and zero expectations. The permanent focus is on total liberation from all types of bindings that control life. Religion is humanity and its highest possibilities. There are no man-made barriers. There are no agendas or targets. There is only being in life and being with life. The highest sadhana is living your highest truth at all times or live liberation. Life is never wasted on theories. We live with awareness always by being well established only in the present.

On My Tradition