Quote of the day (28-Oct-2020)

Surrender is not forsaking one’s freedom. Surrender means ensuring one’s ultimate freedom by entrusting one’s life into the path of liberation at the hands of a liberated being. This is just like giving yourself to a ship with the full awareness that the captain is competent to take you to the destination. The trust in your captain is your insurance and assurance. Your freedom is intact always. Committing with conviction, with full awareness of the competence of the captain with clarity of destination is Surrender in spiritual terms.

Meaning of Surrender

Quote of the day (27-Oct-2020)

Only a handful of people will like you despite all your weaknesses, faults and follies. Do not leave them ever in the pursuit of trying to prove you are good to those who constantly judge you. Those who love us unconditionally should be our highest priority and greatest wealth.

Great Wealth

Quote of the day (26-Oct-2020)

It is easy to dislike, hate or discard someone. It is very difficult to love everyone. The state of loving everyone is a high state, the state of spiritual stability. One at that state finds no fault in anyone and likes everyone as they are. Unconditional love is a perpetual state of higher frequency.

Unconditional Love

Quote of the day (25-Oct-2020)

When conviction and confidence become the wind beneath our wings, we cannot fail in life. When doubt enters, our flight ends.
When faith and self-belief fuel our journey, we cannot fail. When doubts enter that space, we fall.
Doubts cause failures, falls and stagnation. Discipline, Determination and the decision to fly against all odds will take you to guaranteed success.

Doubts Fail