Quote of the day (04-Aug-2020)

There are no numbered days, there is just continuation. There are no days and nights, there are only phases. There is no life or death, there is only a temporary exit from one dimension, from the earth. Life has no ends. We are eternal. Deluded by linear existence, we entertain emotions related to entry and exit from a temporary shell called the body.

On Eternity

Quote of the day (31-Jul-2020)

Failures are natural in life. They are unfulfilled expectations. Failures are also an opportunity for improvement. Do not waste it by blaming others, or blaming the situation, or blaming a gadget for your failure. Since it is an opportunity for improvement, take that as an opportunity and correct it. For correcting failures and attaining success, there should be an inner transformation, resolution and determination. 

On Failures

Quote of the day (29-Jul-2020)

We are born with a body and senses to experience the gross world. But we have the choice to upgrade ourselves to higher frequencies and corresponding experiences. Witnesshood is the path and silence is the state. The state of inner subtlety cannot be achieved by practicing gross activities. Silence leads to silence. Silence is the most precious aspect of our gross existence. Not easily found. But, once found, stays loyal.

The Sacred Silence