Quote of the day (13-Sep-2021)

When we understand clearly that all that we ever share in this life is all that we ever have, selfless services will become the priority of our life. Whatever we ever earn from this world is temporary and transitory. We cannot own anything on earth forever. All that we share stays with us as grace.

On all that we have

Quote of the day (12-Sep-2021)

We may have done many things in our life, most of it would be for our own personal gratification. Unless we have done something benevolent and kind that will last through generations, we have done nothing substantial in our life. World values people who have changed the world positively. World values those who have become the world to many. What we share gladly with the world is all that we have as our permanent wealth. Many live and die, doing nothing substantial for the world. They are not even remembered beyond another generation.

Food for thought