Quote of the day (15-Jun-2021)

When an argument leads to estrangement and separation, that argument is not worth it. Whatever spoils a relationship is not worth it. A successful argument should sound and feel like a healthy discussion and its successful culmination should leave the relationship unaffected.

On Arguments

Quote of the day (14-Jun-2021)

Your most important guru is your inner guru. He is as silent as Dakshinamoorthy. He does not interfere in your inclinations and desires. He is detached. He is independent. He is unaffected by any situation or emotion. He is the right guide and lives with you at all states such as waking, dream and deep sleep, as well as all times of life. He is born with you and knows you completely. He is the one who can detach you from your terrestrial attachments and establish you in the eternal truth, eternity. He is the one whom you must find in your waking state and marry. He is the true soul mate.
Hence he is very important. Nothing outside is so important, including the gurus whom you meet in your waking state.

On True Guru

Quote of the day (12-Jun-2021)

Children. Our children should be treated and respected as future adults. We should bring them in deep contact with old people, animals and birds, as well as nature consistently which will mold their life. We must always remember these are the children that could be presidents and prime ministers of our countries. These are the children who will lead the next generations. More than teaching them skills for survival, we must expose them to life’s realities. This will stabilize them and thus the coming generations. Exposure to things natural is the best way to expand their minds, not programmed education in school rooms.

On Children

Quote of the day (09-Jun-2021)

We are living in formats, boundaries and associated philosophies. This detaches us from unbound, unknowable truth. Our concept of knowledge is limited to materials and their construction. True knowledge is the knowledge of the source. And that needs perpetual awareness. To know is to be. When you become that, there is nothing to know. To be is non-dual and the true state of liberation.

Unknown knowledge

Quote of the day (08-Jun-2021)

Continuation of consciousness has a past and future. Consciousness has no past or future. It has only present; present presence or omnipresence. It cannot be considered in terms of linear time. Linear time is one of the non-understanding, misunderstanding or framework of karmic existence. Consciousness is the eternal truth and it cannot be understood in any frames. One who operates in Consciousness is God-like, Godman or God because he is eternal, his value is eternal, even though his frame is perishable. One who operates in past, present and future format has restricted relevance too because he exists within time frames.

On Consciousness

Quote of the day (07-Jun-2021)

There is no higher or lower, better or worse in the spiritual path. When differentiation ends in mind, man attains spiritual stability. In deep sleep all are the same as there is no egocentric differentiation. It arises only with identifications of the waking state mind. When all differentiation dissolves in the waking state too, the seeker becomes the sought. Mind dissolves and unity stabilizes. The distance or distinction between a foolish slave and a realized master is this inner silence.

On True Seekers