Quote of the day (24-Sep-2020)

When you are an option to someone, you must respect yourself and your time and leave. When you are a priority in someone’s life, whatever adversities may happen during the relationship, you should never leave them. Destiny creates such events to test if your presence is an option to your friends and relations or not. Do not be disappointed. Sometimes you may be surprised to know that the ones who you valued most in life may treat you as an option or even neglect you as unwanted. They are valuable lessons that you must never miss. Remain stable and accept this message from life. Do not waste your time on the people who you gave your world and thought as your own, but betrayed your trust. Stay with those to whom you are their whole world.

Reality Bites

Quote of the day (22-Sep-2020)

Avoid pride over changing things. That will keep you sane. Childhood, youth, middle age, old age are all momentary and transitory. Before we sit down and take pride, time would have changed it. Hence do not worry about any state of life. Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy this moment with extreme humility and gratitude. Life is irreversible. Life is happening this moment and does not wait at all for anyone or anything.

On Life flows

Quote of the day (19-Sep-2020)

We are what we eat. Food is important for the body; and so is fasting. Fasting should be learned from the beings of nature. They do not eat for sensory pleasures like us human beings. They eat for survival. They remain healthy and agile because of that. If we only eat for survival, we will also remain healthy and agile. Hence fasting is excellent for humans too.

On Fasting

Quote of the day (18-Sep-2020)

If we are not strong at heart, we cannot safeguard dharma. If we don’t have conviction, we cannot serve the grand tradition of liberation. If we don’t believe in our own heritage, we have no home. This is the country that welcomed all belief systems harmoniously without sacrificing our motherland. This is the land that brought forth clarity to the varied dimensions of the universe from microcosm to macrocosm. This is the mother of all traditions that proclaimed ahimsa is the greatest righteousness. We should live it. We should love it.

On Sacred Bhaarat

Quote of the day (15-Sep-2020)

Materials, relations, time and space cannot guarantee permanent happiness. Detached existence from all these can. Detachment is not refusal, denial or aversion towards it. Detachment is having no addiction to anything while having it in abundance. Detachment is in finding happiness within, without craving for anything external.

Liberation Matters