Quote of the day (23-Feb-2020)

Those who unhesitatingly share what they have with those who do not have that, they glow from within. Keep sharing. Keep shining.

Power of Giving

Quote of the day (22-Feb-2020)

I offer to you what is mine, my Lord.

When I searched for what is legitimately mine, I found nothing. The air that I breathe to stay alive belongs to air. I am just borrowing it. The water in my body belongs to the water. I had borrowed it for some time. The fire in my body belongs to fire. The space I use and this body belong to the earth. My mind, intellect and ego belong to ether. And all these are born out of you.

Finally, I realize that it is you who is making it all stay together and function as a unit. Hence, there is only YOU and YOURS anyway. What can I give you my Lord? I can only offer to you this illusion of separation from you, my Lord. It is indeed you. There is no me. Thank you for making me aware of this. Thank you. That is all I can offer to you. Even that is from you!


Realization, the real prayer

Quote of the day (17-Feb-2020)

Soul consciousness spontaneously reveals all our past lives. Even though our soul stores no memories, being one with the soul will open up all the dimensions of awareness automatically. But it will not have any relevance to us when we get there. They will just feel like the milestones that we traveled past.


On Real Regression