Quote of the day (01-Dec-2020)

Those who lived to defeat others, those who lived with the heaviness of revenge in their hearts, have eventually perished miserably. Those who focused only on winning irrespective of the positive and negative aspects of the world around them have always found success eventually too. Our destiny rests on what we focus on. Never focus on weaknesses, deficiencies and frailties of ourselves and the world around us. Instead, focus on our strengths as well as our goals. Victory will happen for sure.

Focus on Strengths

Quote of the day (30-Nov-2020)

These 5 thoughts will help you to be stable each day. These words if repeated will increase your self-belief and self-confidence.
Try repeating these 5 times when you get up every morning.
1. I am truly fine and I am perfect as I am. I have no comparisons, no competitions.
2. Guru and God are with me always.
3. Yes. I can do it. I am capable enough.
4. Yes. I am successful and I will always be successful even amidst temporary failures.
5. Today is my day. This day is my opportunity. I will achieve as per my best potential today. And I will not waste any moment, and I will not wait for anyone’s support, approval or appreciation.

This along with a few more.
1. I dare failures. Failures have always strengthened me and my resolution to succeed.
2. I have no enemies. I have no time to waste on enmities.
3. I have no insecurities. Time has given me an abundance of strength and will always give.
4. I value friendships. I shall never let down or let go of those who love me and shall give my best in honor of their love for me.
5. I shall lead a life of discipline and determination and shall never be bogged down by people’s behavior or betrayals. I shall never be bound by my past and I shall always be respectful towards life and will lead a life of gratitude and lightness.

Useful affirmations

Quote of the day (29-Nov-2020)

My love is not towards bodies. My love is towards the real being, the true essence in all bodies. It is the same essence, soul, in all bodies. There is no my soul or your soul, as we identify ourselves as units. There is just one soul manifested through many units. When we see only that, there is no alienation or separation between bodies. We will respect all bodies as they all are walking and talking because of the eternal essence, with duration and purpose. We are not one body. We are one consciousness. That essence is eternal and hence my love is eternal. Even if you change your body and come back, my love will never change because you are essentially the same. True love has no barriers of bodies or species, since the essence within, the soul within is the same.

My Love

Quote of the day (27-Nov-2020)

Thanksgiving Turkey day! Millions of birds slaughtered brutally to give thanks? To whom do we thank for taking their lives? Murder deserves no thanks, gratitude. Murder is classified as a crime. Choiceless birds are brutally bred, fattened and slaughtered insensitively. In fact, humankind owes apologies for committing such crimes generation after generation. We owe apologies to all species for treating them as we did and we still do. We need to correct ourselves and connect ourselves to the souls of these innocent beings and leave them alone to have a natural life and most importantly, a natural death.

On Thanksgiving

Quote of the day (24-Nov-2020)

When there’s no value, there is distance. Living together with hearts apart is equal to living afar, disconnected and unreachable. A space in the hearts of those we love is a big blessing. When we have a space in the hearts of many, we are truly wealthy. This is something money can’t buy.

On Social Capital