Quote of the day (28-Nov-2018)

Emotional pollution is the invisible pollution that is suffocating the mother earth more than anything else today. All other kinds of pollution that we experience on earth are just reflections of the overwhelming quantity of human emotional pollution. Every thought, expression and action can create pollution around us. Be aware of this. Think positively. Express the positive. Act positively. Practicing positivity along with a lifestyle of Compassion, Kindness, Selflessness and Unconditional Love could reduce the emotional pollution on earth. 


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Quote of the day (27-Nov-2018)

Guilt is a burden. No guilt is no burden. People, society and surroundings may try to put guilt on us over any and every kind of our actions. Acceptance of every moment as it is, is a good way to wipe out guilt just like forgiving, forgetting, seeking forgiveness whenever possible and increasing positive attitude. Guilt is connected to ownership of actions, our concepts of perfection and a socio-moral hangover which we have unconsciously and inadvertently inherited. 

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