Quote of the day (26-Dec-2018)

When we respect our guru, all gurus will respect us. When we are consistent with our guru, all gurus will work on us through our guru. There are no “all gurus” in an absolute sense. There are only numerous dimensions of one supreme Guru and that Guru is our guru. 


Talks on Guru’s Grace

Quote of the day (25-Dec-2018)

I am a Human Being. I am a son. I am a husband. I am an eternal lover of all creations. I am a father. I am a philosopher. I am a philanthropist. I am knowledge. I am ignorance.  I am everything that life means. I am happiness. I am sorrow. I am darkness. I am light. I am strength. I am weakness. I am handsome. I am ugly. I am good. I am bad. I am summer, winter, spring and rain. I am love. I am life. I am YOU. 


Talks on The Essence Of Mohanji