Quote of the day (31-Jan-2019)

I do not say YES. I do not say NO either. I reflect all your thoughts, notions, feelings and concepts about me just as you are, as it is. I do not deny anything. This does not mean I accept it all. I watch it. I witness it. I just allow life along with it. I do not ask for it nor I reject it. I always remain a true mirror to what you are.


Talks on Liberated Existence

Quote of the day (26-Jan-2019)

Whatever senses can perceive are changeable, perishable matter. Senses cannot perceive spirit. When mind-matter (mind, ego, intellect) stops perceiving and awareness takes over, man recognizes, discovers the hiding spirit within every matter. Spirit becomes visible. At this point, unity Consciousness takes birth and transformation sets sail.


Talks on Unity Consciousness

Quote of the day (25-Jan-2019)

When we only care for our own right and rights selfishly, many other being’s right and rights go wrong. This usually leads to alienation, separation and wars. Disputes in life are only an external reflection of internal disagreements and imbalances. 


Talks on Nativity of Differences