Quote of the day (30-Apr-2020)

When you are clear and sure that you are not earth, water, fire, air and space (as well as the conglomeration of all these that we call the body) and the one who is in all these things, separately and as a seeming unit, you have understood the truth. You are established in the path of liberation.


On Liberation Matters

Quote of the day (29-Apr-2020)

Prejudices in the listener make communication with them difficult. Swami Vivekananda faced this in America. We all face this constantly. Strong faith, belief and conviction in yourself, your guru, your path and your philosophy will help you sustain your equilibrium and convey your message against tides of mental obstacles of listeners. Here, your conviction is understood, more than your message. You win there.


On Handling Obstacles

Quote of the day (28-Apr-2020)

Lack of alignment, wear and tear as well as disorientation periodically happens to every human being as we constantly, compulsively interact with society. That is the time to stop all activities, withdraw temporarily, isolate oneself and go into deep introspection. First and foremost, check what aspect is not in alignment.

A. Body, Mind, Intellect or Ego?

B. Iccha Shakti, Jnana Shakti or Kriya Shakti.

C. Tamas – outright inertia or laziness is the cause of lack of alignment.

D. You are doing something that does not suit your nature, inclination, orientation or constitution.

If we thus connect to all these aspects of our system one by one, we can easily repair ourselves and get back into alignment in no time. This time must be given to ourselves, periodically, but should not be allowed often because the mind will take it as resting time, not re-aligning time, and ask for more of it. If you allow it, tamas may devour the mind in no time.


On Realignment

Quote of the day (26-Apr-2020)

Beating, punishing small children is cowardice and an outright perversion. Children should be guided and not punished ever. If a child is misbehaving, there is a reason for that. Find the reason through compassionate counseling and help them win over that aberration. Counseling is important. Punishment should be totally rejected. If a parent is physically punishing his/her children, they need counseling, treatment for their disorders. Some may have depression or similar imbalances and that should not affect their children. Children should not be physically punished, instead counseled.


On Spare the Rod