Quote of the day (29-Mar-2023)

Genuine hearts never brag. They keep promises. They are nice and helpful and express themselves clearly. They have no reservations whilst admiring others. They are never insecure and try to make others like them. They respect every being.
The fake is right the opposite.

On Genuine People

Quote of the day (28-Mar-2023)

There is no tomorrow. It is a projection. It is a postponement in time. It is the source of worries and anxieties.

This moment. Today. Life in the moment is reality.

Likewise, yesterday is a hangover. It is a construct of memories. In fact, experiences that we remember are what we call yesterday. This is the source of expectations and fears.

If we leave these two projections and mental constructs and stay in this moment, silence will rise and awaken spontaneously within.

The ability and determination to live in the moment is a perfect sadhana (spiritual practice).

On Clinging on to truth

Quote of the day (25-Mar-2023)

Nature has distinction. All its creations have distinctions too. Their nature, habits, character and mannerism are distinct. Consumption of liquids is a clear example. All herbivores gulp and swallow water, including human beings. Carnivorous animals use their tongue and lick liquids. There is this obvious distinction between Carnivores and Herbivores beings of nature. Look into nature. Spend some time with her alone. It is a great teacher.

On Nature within and outside

Quote of the day (24-Mar-2023)

Some people come into your life for a season. Some come for a reason. They leave with time…

Those who come into your life because they love you so much will never leave you however you are through seasons and reasons. They are unconditional. They are your true friends. They are precious.

On True Friends