Quote of the day (23-May-2020)

All the people whom the world called “successful” have started from their limitations and limited environments. All they had was a burning desire to fulfill their dream and determination to achieve their goals at any cost. Achievements made them legends. The sweat of efforts and sacrifices behind the visible success perhaps never surfaced. Every man is a story. Every man has a history.

Price of Success

Quote of the day (19-May-2020)

Nature is a huge supermarket. It sells every kind of situations and experiences. Some are free and give energetic bonus too, such as love, compassion and kindness. Some are very expensive and may leave the buyer in deep debts which may last lifetimes, such as betrayals, cheating, stealing as well as various results of anger, hatred and jealousy. But if these are the choices of the customer, the existence that maintains the supermarket will allow it. Life is our personal choice, along with its experiences and corresponding expenses. Earn wisely. Spend wisely. Do not waste life.

On Buffet of Life