Quote of the day (25-May-2020)

There are many saints in the world. There have always been. But the world fails to see them because it looks for those who live in a particular way, as connected to God. Sainthood is an attitude. Sainthood means living detachment without suppression as the core of existence. Sainthood means selflessness. Sainthood also means existing for the sake of others while accepting, respecting what you have, without asking or expecting more. Sainthood is our ability to give what we have, unconditionally. There lived such saints like Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla amongst us. Because they were not associated with a church or typical divine work, we don’t see them as saints.

About Bob Marley

Quote of the day (02-May-2020)

If you want perfection in life, you should have patience too. Perfection is a relative matter. It is not static ever. Total acceptance, application, conviction, fearlessness and patience give us relative perfection.


On craving for perfection

Quote of the day (15-Mar-2020)

Most of our prayers are connected to the maintenance of our patterns. We pray to God to maintain things or situations that we are used to. Instead of acceptance and thus the dissolution of patterns, we intensely pray for the maintenance of it. This is probably because we feel insecure when our patterns are disturbed, despite them being tedious and binding. Here, we are making our own traps and cages. Hence, the only prayer that helps us liberate ourselves from our very existence is the prayer of Gratitude. Prayer of gratitude is acceptance as well. Acceptance liberates us. Just pray THANK YOU with your whole heart.


Prayers for Patterns

Quote of the day (11-Mar-2020)

When we walk the path of total dissolution, we have to tackle both inner and outer enemies. The outer enemies are triggers, incidents and temptations that cause disturbances and distress inside. Triggers could be people, places, materials, situations and relationships. The inner enemies are patterns, inclinations, character traits, tendencies, habits, so on and so forth. We have to first tackle the outer enemies through acceptance and practicing non-resistance. When you are undisturbed by the world outside, it is easy to tackle the inner world. All enemies are our own creations.


On tackling life

Quote of the day (03-Mar-2020)

A beautiful lotus flower has its roots in mud, but is unaffected by it. It always stays afloat. Water does not drench it either.

If the water level increases, it does not drown. If the water level decreases, it does not break or fall. It peacefully survives the unavoidable ups and downs of water levels of life. Life is like this water level. It fluctuates.

Like a lotus flower, wise people stay afloat unaffected, with perfect acceptance and no complaints. Even if life brings dirt of disappointments, estrangements and betrayals to our existence, we should look up and look ahead to the bright sky of possibilities and shine bright with optimism.


Essential optimism

Quote of the day (01-Mar-2020)

You may like some part of my character and habits. You may dislike some part of my character and habits. I am not perfect. I am another human being like you.

I may like or dislike some part of the character and habits in people around me too. If we accept the good and bad in all people around us, the same way we should accept within us, we can cultivate love within us as well as around us and we will have harmony in the society.


Harmony Matters