Quote of the day (23-Mar-2020)

Sacrifice is essential for attaining stability, peace and for living liberation. Sacrifice selfishness. Sacrifice ego. Sacrifice greed. Sacrifice everything that binds you and restricts you. Sacrifice everything consciously that makes you a slave to it.

This is a real sacrifice. Glory belongs to this.


Essential Sacrifices

Quote of the day (08-Jan-2020)

Never bind anybody with your love or with your fears. Binding of any kind causes anxieties, suffocation, pains and disappointments. Those who are bound need to be liberated. Set them free. Freedom maintains love and ensures longevity. Freedom is one of the highest gifts that you can give to anyone. Death sets us free from all relationships and possessions. Life should set us free through elevated awareness about the truth of life.


Born Free

Quote of the day (15-Dec-2019)

I never keep the money as an emotion. Instead, I handle money as an experience. The nature of money is movement. When it moves it gives experience. When it stays and stagnates, it becomes an emotion, often fear and insecurities too. When it is used for benevolent causes, it gives inner richness. When used for personal, selfish gratifications, it just delivers momentary pleasures. Money is important. When treated with respect, it enriches. When treated with fear, it binds. When it accumulates, it enslaves. When it is hard-earned, it gives contentment. When money supersedes relationships, the result is regret. When a relationship is higher than money, it enriches life. Money is transitory. Relationships are precious.

Hence respect money, but not above relationships.


Money Matters

Quote of the day (30-Sep-2019)

I left my career to the winds and plunged myself into the uncertain, unpredictable future, deciding to make people happy with the rest of my more than half-finished life. There was no agenda. No plan. No destination or goal. Just add value in the lives of those who come my way. I never went searching for anyone, neither did I tell anyone that I am better than them. People knew I am one among them, same strengths same weaknesses. The only difference possibly was that I really wanted to make a positive change, a value addition in the lives of those I happened to meet in my journey.

Soon enough, I realized that love is the most natural, yet most difficult to manage in the world of conditions. Most people just do not know how to handle love when it is not conditional. They are at a loss, a total loss in the department of receiving love let alone giving it unconditionally. All they needed is love. But then again, there is the danger of non-acceptability. Rejection. Ridicule. Judgement. I faced it all.

I was mocked. I was insulted. I was even abused and character assassinated when all I cared for was to help them reach perpetual freedom from the binding frames of mind. I kept walking. I had only one thing to depend on – faith in myself. I believed in myself and I had firm faith in the purity of my intentions as well as the selflessness attached. I did nothing to gain name, fame or possessions. I kept walking. Sometimes the contemporary generation may not see an original who walks amongst them. It often takes posterity to recognize an original one.


Autobiographical Murmurs

Quote of the day (23-Aug-2019)

Remembrance is good. But be aware that just like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there are good remembrance and bad remembrance. Good remembrances are the memories that transformed your existence, those incidents that enhanced your awareness and life. Bad remembrances are those which invoke emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, possessiveness, so on and so forth. We should trash those unwanted memories of incidents that change flavors with time. Those that do not leave a mark of transformation are unnecessary for us. They are just an unnecessary burden. Those transformative memories are good for us. We should remember them because they are not only our reality, but also could be useful for others to raise their awareness. It should be articulated. Transformative memories are good memories. Memories that provoke binding emotions are bad memories.


YOU are what you STORE