Quote of the day (27-Feb-2019)

When the milky ocean was churned, poison came first. The milky ocean is our existence. Poison is the binding seeds that sit in our system. They are anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, pride, ego, possessiveness, so on and so forth. When poison emerged, from the milky ocean, only the fathomless Shiva could handle it. The milky ocean was churned by gods and demons. Gods represent the highest aspects of incarnation such as compassion, kindness, unconditional love, sacrifice, selflessness, purity in thoughts, words and actions etc. Demons represent anger, hatred, revenge and all such things that bind us to repeat births and deaths. After churning out all the poison, celestial nectar came from the ocean of existence. Celestial nectar (Amrit) represents immortality. Demons wanted it. A mind ridden by impurities cannot attain immortality. Gods attained the celestial nectar because they deserved it. This is the story of churning of vasanas (inherent inclinations) in our daily life. Everything is within us. Immortality depends on who we are with consistently, gods or demons within us.

Song of Immortality