Quote of the day (10-Mar-2020)

From times of utter chaos and confusion, when the world craves for redemption, will rise a man with absolute clarity and truthfulness. He would be the Messiah, the Avatar of the time. He would be authentic and uncompromising in righteousness. He would set trends and change ways and methods. He would make his own laws based on truthfulness, selflessness and righteousness, and may even break the existing ones to prove points. He would think differently, act differently, live differently and hence may offend conformists because of that.

Society may view him with skepticism and suspicion. But he will change the course of history and will set trends in the way the future generations will perceive life. Contemporaries may view him with contempt, while generations after him will consider him as an Avatar.


On Avatars do Happen

Quote of the day (01-Feb-2020)

We are trying to understand life in parts, fragments. This is the reason why we do not really get the thread. Try to understand life as a whole, by observing, witnessing, not comparing, criticizing, judging, and entertaining self-pity. By totally accepting everything happening in life and practicing non-resistance, you will gain more and more clarity and detachment from life and life’s events. This brings freedom.


On Continuity of Life

Quote of the day (18-Oct-2019)

Recognize your key strength. We all have it.

Explore its highest possibilities as well as dimensions.

Express your highest vision through it with clarity, consistency and conviction.

Ensure the vision is totally selfless.

If your vision is perfect, if you clearly know your goal and destination, even a blurred roadmap is good enough, you will eventually reach home.

You will also have high contentment and glory in life.


On Path to Glory

Quote of the day (19-Sep-2019)

Consistency. Determination. Ability to stay afloat during the worst tsunamis of life. Clarity of purpose. Humility. Acceptance. Ability to love against a sea of hatred. Selflessness. Purity in thoughts, words and actions. Compassion. Focus. Commonsense. Others first. No Enmity. A balanced outlook. Kindness. Detached from anger, hatred and jealousy. Gratitude. Remembering and supporting friends, allies and those who stood with us during our darkest times. Goodness factor. Ability to rise and function in adverse times. These are a few of my favorite things.


On ingredients of SUCCESS

Quote of the day (02-Aug-2019)

God (the energy factor), true Guru (the guiding factor), and soul (the life factor) are one and the same. They are non-invasive and do not interfere in the karmic drama. They witness, watch and perform their duties without ownership or doership. God factor provides the time, space and platform, Guru factor exists as a reminder of who you are, and soul factor provides the energy for experiencing the existence. They are unbound by the actions of an individual and the corresponding results, and they never interfere in associated drama except through objective participation. If this is understood clearly, clarity will dawn in mind and we will become more responsible and will seldom cry for our rights nor will we blame God or Guru for our share of dramas of life.


On Simple Truths

Quote of the day (16-Jan-2019)

Avoid using mind-matter (mind, intellect, ego) to decipher the karmic, lateral existence. Instead, just accept, because all events of life have an inherent origin. Just like mud from murky water percolates underneath a glass when left untouched, Consciousness clarifies itself when unshaken and untouched by mind-matter, through acceptance of everyday existence. 


Talks on Acceptance (Clarity Through Acceptance)


Thousands of beings are walking this earth. Earth hardly sees them, recognizes them or remembers them. Numerous births and deaths every moment. Everything is passing and dissolving. Glory happens to a few who walk the wide world with clarity, determination and conviction to make a positive difference. Their presence spills over their own lifetime. They continue to touch lives of generations positively even after their death. Future generations remember them with respect because they made the earth a better place because of their existence. Out of millions, one such incarnation happens in each time. Earth rejoices their presence and generations remember them with gratitude. Theirs is the life of selflessness, compassion, kindness, love and gratitude. Every person has the potential for this glory.


Talks on Human Glory