Quote of the day (11-May-2020)

The universe is self-created, self-maintained and self-dissolved. From pure ether the universe manifests. On pure ether the universe sustains like bubbles on water, and into pure ether they dissolve. This pure ether is the pure Consciousness, the intelligent, unmanifested energy that has no beginning or end. Water remains eternally. The bubbles formed out of water do not. Spiritual journey simply means being in pursuit of this understanding, this realization, this experience that we are essentially not the bubble, but the ocean that sustains it while it is.

On spiritual journey 

Quote of the day (17-Feb-2020)

Soul consciousness spontaneously reveals all our past lives. Even though our soul stores no memories, being one with the soul will open up all the dimensions of awareness automatically. But it will not have any relevance to us when we get there. They will just feel like the milestones that we traveled past.


On Real Regression