Quote of the day (15-Dec-2019)

I never keep the money as an emotion. Instead, I handle money as an experience. The nature of money is movement. When it moves it gives experience. When it stays and stagnates, it becomes an emotion, often fear and insecurities too. When it is used for benevolent causes, it gives inner richness. When used for personal, selfish gratifications, it just delivers momentary pleasures. Money is important. When treated with respect, it enriches. When treated with fear, it binds. When it accumulates, it enslaves. When it is hard-earned, it gives contentment. When money supersedes relationships, the result is regret. When a relationship is higher than money, it enriches life. Money is transitory. Relationships are precious.

Hence respect money, but not above relationships.


Money Matters

Quote of the day (18-Oct-2019)

Recognize your key strength. We all have it.

Explore its highest possibilities as well as dimensions.

Express your highest vision through it with clarity, consistency and conviction.

Ensure the vision is totally selfless.

If your vision is perfect, if you clearly know your goal and destination, even a blurred roadmap is good enough, you will eventually reach home.

You will also have high contentment and glory in life.


On Path to Glory

Quote of the day (27-July-2019)

If I focus all my talents to make money, I can certainly be a materially rich man. But I chose to have a rich heart. A rich heart is in giving and not in taking. A rich heart is in sharing and caring not in demanding more and more from society. A rich heart is in being content with what we have and not complaining about what we don’t have. A rich heart is in acceptance and not in resistance to every situation of life. A rich heart is in taking responsibilities seriously more than shouting about rights. A rich heart consists of sharing all that we have been gifted by life with everyone without expecting anything in return. A rich heart gives you fearlessness and contentment. Nothing on earth belongs to us. We live and die using, enjoying and experiencing them. We cannot carry them when we leave. This reminder and practice will keep us grounded and peaceful always.


On Being Rich

Quote of the day (10-July-2019)

Mastery turns our organs of perception (mind, intellect, ego) inward. Nothing external affects a master because when the organs of perception are turned inward, he remains pure. Purity is in detachment from worldly emotions, analysis, opinions, concepts and prejudices. It is a state of contentment and joy. It is causeless. It is sustained. It is eternal. Hence internal is eternal.


Talks on the path to immortality

Quote of the day (04-May-2019)

What is the one quality that you would like to see in the society?


Can you explain ELEGANCE?

The unshakeable self-confidence that comes out of self-acceptance that reflects in daily life as benevolence, compassion, kindness, unconditional love,  non-violence in thoughts, words, actions, non-judgment as well as perpetual peace and contentment that happens because of non-resistance to daily events of life. ELEGANCE is an attitude. It is integrity with oneself. An elegant individual, in my opinion, does not harm anyone, loves everyone irrespective of one’s character and orientation, never engages in gossips or slander even if someone betrays him or cheats him. He loves and respects oneself and others alike. Elegance is an attitude and according to me, the right attitude for a positive life.

On Right Attitude
(Part of a past interview)