Quote of the day (28-Jul-2022)

Fulfillment of desires cannot guarantee permanent satisfaction or eradication of desires. Getting attached to the soul can. Consistent practice of soul consciousness is detachment from senses, mind and desires.
Yet, never underestimate the power of patterns that await us around the corner of time to lure us back to the familiar thoughts, expressions, actions and corresponding comfort zones. It takes tremendous conviction, discipline in practice, determination, focus and above all, consistency against all odds, to finally break the patterns and touch the cause, the source, the soul. It is difficult, but not impossible.

On Soul Consciousness

Quote of the day (04-Jul-2022)

Expectations never make your life better or different. Transformation does. It takes effort, application, consistency, conviction, trust in oneself and tremendous flexibility during changing times, accepting the inevitable changes. This makes your life meaningful.

On Fighting illusions

Quote of the day (29-Jun-2022)

Running after sensations is just a play of the mind. Matured spiritualists will never chase sensations. They will concentrate on transformation from mind to consciousness through consistent practice with patience and conviction. They will never compare or compete with another; instead, they will use their time on earth to stabilize themselves in themselves.

On signs of Maturity

Quote of the day (15-May-2022)

When you know that your response will be unkind, maintain silence. Maintain silence, yet perform what you feel is the right action. Thus lead by example and not by words. Silence and action with conviction have far lasting positive effects than unkind words. Life is the highest teacher. Life has no rehearsals. So, act well by using your intellect and not your emotions.

On Practising positivity

Quote of the day (14-May-2022)

Being on one path, being with one guide, one systematic practice with concentration, conviction and discipline are very important for any seeker of truth. Those who put their two legs in two boats eventually fall into the water.

On Simple Truths

Quote of the day (17-Apr-2022)

Money is not scarce in the world. Nor are talent and resources. Then what does it take to convert a great idea to success? The belief in the idea. The belief factor and the corresponding conviction are missing in many cases. When we approach our own visions with fears, insecurities and doubts, they never fly. Dedication, determination and belief in oneself always guarantee success. This is more so if that idea makes a positive difference in the world. Never underestimate yourself and your ideas. Invest in them, mature them and dare to execute them.

Message to Entrepreneurs

Quote of the day (09-Apr-2022)

If you couldn’t make it in your 30s, there are 40s, 50s, and 60s ahead. Believing in your dream is very important and working for it with absolute conviction brings forth success. Many people fail in their attempts because of a lack of clarity of vision and conviction, clarity of purpose, lack of application, not believing in themselves and their project as well as fear of failure. Having optimism, determination and willpower will get us there.

Never say Die