Quote of the day (29-Mar-2020)

Inclinations or tendencies are the driving force of every individual. If we support their tendencies, they will love us, however harmful it could be. If we do not support their tendencies, they will hate us and even take revenge on us for blocking their inherent inclinations. Desires are married to inclinations too.


Secrets of Relationships

Quote of the day (24-Mar-2020)

Desire causes expectations. Expectations cause disappointments. Disappointments lead to anger. Anger leads to psychosomatic imbalances, blockages and diseases.

If desires are handled with maturity, disappointments will be less and so is anger.


On Source of Anger

Quote of the day (27-Jan-2020)

I have always maintained that being practical is the first step towards being spiritual. We cannot ignore our basic states such as inherent inclinations, tendencies and desires, and escape to spiritual places imagining that the basic states will disappear. This is equal to the ostrich putting its head in the sand and believing that it’s safe from enemies. Man is driven by inclinations, basic personal tendencies. This added to pending desires for multiple aspects of existence causes thoughts, expressions and actions. Every desire seeks fulfillment. Here, all we can do is to keep the intellect on top of emotions and lead a life of awareness. This helps witnesshood which in turn helps detachment without longing for that thing that he has detached from. Detachment is not suppression. Suppression is only postponement. Detachment means desires for something dropped off forever. So, instead of just deciding to follow a spiritual master blindly imagining that he is going to shoulder all your problems and pay your bills, (joking), be practical. Do not pretend to yourself. Do not cheat your own conscience. If you have desires for something, you have desires for that thing. Accept it. Now use your intellect, your processor for analysis and decide if it is essential to fulfill or it can be ignored. If you chose to ignore, see if that desire is still bothering, which means it is craving for Fulfilment. Thus, alert awareness diminishes your thoughts, expressions and actions. Intellect seldom commits mistakes. Mistakes are brethren of emotions. Hence, if intellect is available all the time, there will be lesser regrets and guilt. Life will be reasonably clear and clean. Be practical. Understand and accept. Do not have blind faith and borrowed beliefs. Use your own faculties to create your own path and dare to walk the path that you have created for yourself, unapologetically.


On Importance of Being Practical

Quote of the day (25-Jan-2020)

If you really love me, let me be free from your expectations. If you expect anything from me, you are not loving me, you are only loving your own desires. Then, you are not here for me, you are here just for the sake of selfishly fulfilling your expectations. You will leave me sooner or later whatever its outcome may be. If you have come for only me, without expectations, you will never leave me.


On Treachery and Traps of mind

Quote of the day (05-Jan-2020)

Individual karma (with its roots in unfulfilled desires) is the cause of events of life. Those who attribute to another, especially a guru, for their sets of successes and failures of life are existing in gross ignorance. Grace can only soften the intensity of hard-earned desires. A guru can probably soften the impact of experiences by giving awareness and energy protection. Nothing more. Birth, death and major events of life are predetermined, predestined before taking this birth. A guru has nothing to do with it. If this is not understood, estrangement from the guru is the result, along with its quota of disappointments, disillusionment and despair.


On Raw Destiny

Quote of the day (06-Dec-2019)

Everything is bound by karma. People take birth with an abundance of desires which they must fulfill over time and age. Meanwhile, they may gather a few more. Each person is a bundle of desires and inclinations. They go around their world searching for its fulfillment. Some materials do fulfill but also create more similar desires. Just like a bird wakes up at dawn each day and sets out in search of food, a man wakes up every day searching avenues for the fulfillment of his bundle of desires. Since this is individualistic, it is incomparable. Many desires could be similar which makes the association of like-minded people. Gratifications need not be personal always. Some can be borrowed too through visual or verbal means. Thus, karma pushes everyone who is born to hunt for gratifications until he drops dead.


On the extension of Karma