Quote of the day (01-May-2019)

Violence, even murder happens in thoughts, words and actions. There is a price to pay for all our gratifications, positive or negative. Price is higher for the negative, just like the price for alcohol which ruins our health is higher than the healthy fresh water.
The best stuff of the world is usually free, such as sunshine, air, spring and river water in nature, unconditional love, etc. But there is a heavy price for negative thoughts, words and actions such as hatred, jealousy, revenge, character assassination (which has the same price as murder) so on and so forth. The price (debt) of murder, including character assassination, will take lifetimes to pay off. It even gets accrued, when many people are negatively affected because of our expressions and actions, we have to pay for all of their contamination which we created. Hence, Ahimsa (non-violence) is indeed our security and guarantee for a debt-free existence.

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Quote of the day (28-Apr-2019)

When an animal is killed, a part of human conscience gets killed too.
When an animal is killed, a part of human-ness gets killed too.
When an animal is killed, a part of human gets killed too.
Never kill any being. All have the right to live a full and complete life. Never destroy. Never destruct. Any kind of violence – in thoughts, words and actions, violates and contaminates our inner space. Live and let live. Never manipulate minds against kindness and compassion in the name of food. Let AHIMSA (non-violence) be the attitude of your life.

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Quote of the day (15-Feb-2019)

If no words of compassion and kindness come from our mouth, what is this mouth for?
If no acts of compassion and kindness get performed with these hands, what are these hands for?
If no steps are taken to help the helpless, what are these feet for?
If no thoughts of compassion and kindness sprout from our mind, what is this mind for?
If no design for doing good without expectations takes birth in our intellect, what is this intellect for?
If no love flows from our heart, what is this heart for?
Our life is exactly as we are.
Be good. Do good. Ahimsa is the greatest of Dharma.

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