Quote of the day (15-Mar-2020)

Most of our prayers are connected to the maintenance of our patterns. We pray to God to maintain things or situations that we are used to. Instead of acceptance and thus the dissolution of patterns, we intensely pray for the maintenance of it. This is probably because we feel insecure when our patterns are disturbed, despite them being tedious and binding. Here, we are making our own traps and cages. Hence, the only prayer that helps us liberate ourselves from our very existence is the prayer of Gratitude. Prayer of gratitude is acceptance as well. Acceptance liberates us. Just pray THANK YOU with your whole heart.


Prayers for Patterns

Quote of the day (11-Mar-2020)

When we walk the path of total dissolution, we have to tackle both inner and outer enemies. The outer enemies are triggers, incidents and temptations that cause disturbances and distress inside. Triggers could be people, places, materials, situations and relationships. The inner enemies are patterns, inclinations, character traits, tendencies, habits, so on and so forth. We have to first tackle the outer enemies through acceptance and practicing non-resistance. When you are undisturbed by the world outside, it is easy to tackle the inner world. All enemies are our own creations.


On tackling life

Quote of the day (26-Sep-2019)

Yearn for God and Godhood will awaken within. Yearning is the real call. Yearning opens all doors. Call from the mind and ever-changing emotions has no perpetual value. Yearn and crave for God. This craving ensures elevation into total dissolution. This is the importance of yearning.


Talks on “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

Quote of the day (04-June-2019)

Until and unless man sees God within himself, there is no real spiritual evolution. The real spiritual journey is from outside to inside oneself. When there is nothing to find outside oneself, man settles inside. Man reaches his destination within and settles within as one complete unit. This is completion, actualization.


Talks on Dissolution

Quote of the day (12-May-2019)

We swim in our own private pool and imagine it is the ocean. We talk and also make others believe that we have found the ocean and our ocean is vast and beautiful, believing completely that our pool is indeed the ocean. Many lifetimes are spent in this illusion and ignorance not even being aware of it. We often justify our own limitations and ignorance not knowing about it. We ask “so what?” in utterly wrong contexts when someone who understands reality points that to us.

Waking up here means becoming aware that the ocean is indeed not the predictable pool that we believed to be the ocean. Even our positive expressions such as contentment, satisfaction, enlightenment may all become escapist expressions while trapped in our own pool (comfort zones).

The ocean is the deep and unfathomable, unpredictable, unknowable truth where not only swimming, any movement is not so easy. Sinking and dissolving is easier. Words are not heard while silence is well “heard” there. Unless we come into terms with the truth that our own comfort zones are our biggest barriers in dissolution, lifetimes get wasted.


Talks on Traps and Illusions

Quote of the day (09-May-2019)

The path of total dissolution is not for the meek and the weak-minded. This is for the bravest of the bravest. This is not for gossip mongers, cowards and the mind-driven. This is for the determined with the will of steel. This is the path of Avadhootas. This is not a feel-good path of comfort zones. This is the path of surprises and uncertainties. This is the path to dissolve and merge. This is the path of extreme flexibility and acceptance. This is the path of survivors. This is the path of Goodness, Selflessness and Righteousness. This is the path of sharing and caring. This is the path of the limitless, the immortal. This is the path of truth and dare. This is the path of dissolution. This is true liberation.


Talks on Path of Pathlessness