Quote of the day (08-Mar-2023)

We have some cards of set emotions, expressions, deeply rooted in memories of incidents and we keep playing, repeating them based on the available situations all our lives.

We keep getting angry, emotional, upset, happy, sad, disappointed, as well as having feelings like love, hate, anxiety, so on and so forth based on our inner programming or set pattern.

If we are able to rewire and reinvent ourselves, if we are able to bring back acceptance and that childlike surprise element in our life, we will become a totally different story. If we can redefine ourselves with the ink of openness, freshness and dare to experience, it will feel like a new life, a rebirth.

When freshness is lost, life is monotonous. Most people in the world live that life. A programmed conditioned existence with approved emotions, often bound by fears. They fail to live; they just exist.

Many die brokenhearted because of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments, chained by their concepts and conditions. They blame destiny or some people for their agony. They age fast with the heaviness of life on their shoulders.

Think. Is this your truth? If yes, do not waste any time anymore.

Use this life to break free. Be yourself. Be totally yourself, your true self minus your fears, expectations from the external world, comparisons, competitions, dependency on possessions, positions and relations.

This is my sincere opinion.

On Monotonous Existence

Quote of the day (05-Aug-2022)

When we wake up before sunrise and start our day early, levitational energy rises within us, which helps the subtlety within. Our metaphysical orientation develops gradually. Equanimity over incidents and experiences of life and general detachment increase. This helps spiritual stability.

When we start our day late, gravitational, heavier energies rise and control our mind. Desires or emotions of terrestrial nature become predominant. This leads to a more pronounced involvement with the happiness/sorrow aspect of our life. Dependency on external matters increases for pleasures of senses. Terrestrial aspects increasingly control the mind and we tend to move into unconscious, expectation-based existence which further strengthens ownership of action.

On Waking Up Early

Quote of the day (12-Jun-2022)

Our past can stay in our mind only if we remember it or revisit it. Past stays as memories. Memories become patterns. Hence, leave the past emotions alone and increase the positivity quotient. Be positive. Think positive. Do positive with the firm understanding that not only the past, but also nothing belongs to us. Everything is like the passing views from a running train. Watch, experience and let go.

On Practising positivity

Quote of the day (15-May-2022)

When you know that your response will be unkind, maintain silence. Maintain silence, yet perform what you feel is the right action. Thus lead by example and not by words. Silence and action with conviction have far lasting positive effects than unkind words. Life is the highest teacher. Life has no rehearsals. So, act well by using your intellect and not your emotions.

On Practising positivity