Quote of the day (24-May-2020)

Every atom on earth is vibrating. There are these gentle vibrations that collectively sound as AUM. The whole created universe has this sound. This constant vibration of atoms is the dance of Shiva. The rhythm generated out of the vibration of the universe is His body, the body of sound. These combined is the ecstasy of existence.

The texture of Shiva

Quote of the day (19-May-2020)

Nature is a huge supermarket. It sells every kind of situations and experiences. Some are free and give energetic bonus too, such as love, compassion and kindness. Some are very expensive and may leave the buyer in deep debts which may last lifetimes, such as betrayals, cheating, stealing as well as various results of anger, hatred and jealousy. But if these are the choices of the customer, the existence that maintains the supermarket will allow it. Life is our personal choice, along with its experiences and corresponding expenses. Earn wisely. Spend wisely. Do not waste life.

On Buffet of Life

Quote of the day (10-May-2020)

A sanyasi (renunciate) is one who has detached from all material aspects of life such as possessions, positions and relations while living it, without suppressing them or because of any disappointment with worldly life. Detachment due to perfect awareness of the temporary state of terrestrial existence makes a perfect sanyasi.


On Signs of a Sanyasi

Quote of the day (06-May-2020)

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Because we know that if we cannot see God or Guru within us, we cannot see them outside us too. Whatever we “see” outside is a reflection of what we have inside us. Hence, even if we are praying to something outside us, essentially we are praying to something inside us. Everything is as we are inside; our whole existence.


On Inner Connection

Quote of the day (03-May-2020)

Liberation Notes

Avoid, do not Hate

We do not have to hate anyone or anything. We can avoid consciously just like we will spontaneously avoid dangerous things in life. Avoiding what we do not like, leaves less impressions and memories inside us than if we hate them and remember them always. Less impressions means more freedom. Less enemies, lighter is the existence. Lesser distractions, better concentration. Hence, avoid hatred. Avoid people, places and situations that you do not like.


On Living Freedom

Quote of the day (18-Apr-2020)

Knowing the truth from external sources is easy. Understanding the truth is more difficult. Experiencing truth is the most difficult, as it transforms existence to truth itself. No man returns back to relative truth, as perceived by the mind-matter, after experiencing the eternal truth.


On Truth