Quote of the day (24-Mar-2020)

Desire causes expectations. Expectations cause disappointments. Disappointments lead to anger. Anger leads to psychosomatic imbalances, blockages and diseases.

If desires are handled with maturity, disappointments will be less and so is anger.


On Source of Anger

Quote of the day (11-Mar-2020)

When we walk the path of total dissolution, we have to tackle both inner and outer enemies. The outer enemies are triggers, incidents and temptations that cause disturbances and distress inside. Triggers could be people, places, materials, situations and relationships. The inner enemies are patterns, inclinations, character traits, tendencies, habits, so on and so forth. We have to first tackle the outer enemies through acceptance and practicing non-resistance. When you are undisturbed by the world outside, it is easy to tackle the inner world. All enemies are our own creations.


On tackling life

Quote of the day (10-Feb-2020)

Sorrow is a misunderstanding. It is caused by expectations. The other side is acceptance. In the physical world, all things are based on karmic inevitability. In the spiritual realm, all things are based on the play of the divine. When this understanding matures and man starts witnessing the inevitable karma, using time, space, people and materials, rooted in divine play, there is no room for expectations, disappointment and sorrows.


On Absolute Wisdom

Quote of the day (25-Jan-2020)

If you really love me, let me be free from your expectations. If you expect anything from me, you are not loving me, you are only loving your own desires. Then, you are not here for me, you are here just for the sake of selfishly fulfilling your expectations. You will leave me sooner or later whatever its outcome may be. If you have come for only me, without expectations, you will never leave me.


On Treachery and Traps of mind

Quote of the day (17-Jan-2020)

We are a bundle of misunderstandings. All our lives, most of us, live these misunderstandings. Here are some of those:

A. We believe that we are our personalities, based on possessions and positions.

B. We are deciding our lives every day.

C. We own earth, big or small.

D. We are bigger, higher or greater than the other or we are inferior to another.

E. We believe we are this body, mind or personality and struggle to maintain it. Panic when it is affected.

F. We bank heavily on relationships and believe that they are here for our sake while all relationships are as good as individual, independent karma allows. (desire patterns and vasanas or inclinations permits).

G. We experience disappointments when our expectations of permanence fail. We do not remember that everything evolves and changes every moment and nothing that’s born remains the same forever.

These are a few of our favorite, frequent misunderstandings.


On Ironies and Misunderstandings

Quote of the day (14-Jan-2020)

Brightness has always attracted jealousy from all things dark and almost dark. Yet, brightness is never afraid of darkness. Darkness should be afraid of brightness because it affects the very existence of darkness.

Clouds can only obscure sunrays by coming between the earth and the sun. But, they can do nothing to reduce the TRUE nature of the sun which is warmth and brightness.

Hence, do not be afraid of the seeming darkness. Dare to marry brightness and stay married against all odds so that darkness will give way and dissolve from your mind and life forever.

Be with brightness. Be brightness. Give that light to the world around you without expectations.

Approval and disapproval are games that the mind plays. The heart has nothing to do with it because the very nature of the spiritual heart is acceptance. Love all and serve all. Love is the language of brightness.


On Truth is Bright

Quote of the day (07-Jan-2020)

A true companion is someone who is around you when you need him, but will never limit your freedom or free will.

A true friend is one who is stable, will never leave your hand in any situation, and loves you without any expectations.

A true guru is one who always keeps his followers free and unbound.

In all relationships, the bottom line is FREEDOM.


On Born Free, Live Freedom