Quote of the day (19-May-2020)

Nature is a huge supermarket. It sells every kind of situations and experiences. Some are free and give energetic bonus too, such as love, compassion and kindness. Some are very expensive and may leave the buyer in deep debts which may last lifetimes, such as betrayals, cheating, stealing as well as various results of anger, hatred and jealousy. But if these are the choices of the customer, the existence that maintains the supermarket will allow it. Life is our personal choice, along with its experiences and corresponding expenses. Earn wisely. Spend wisely. Do not waste life.

On Buffet of Life

Quote of the day (11-May-2020)

The universe is self-created, self-maintained and self-dissolved. From pure ether the universe manifests. On pure ether the universe sustains like bubbles on water, and into pure ether they dissolve. This pure ether is the pure Consciousness, the intelligent, unmanifested energy that has no beginning or end. Water remains eternally. The bubbles formed out of water do not. Spiritual journey simply means being in pursuit of this understanding, this realization, this experience that we are essentially not the bubble, but the ocean that sustains it while it is.

On spiritual journey 

Quote of the day (05-Feb-2020)

Experience of truth stabilizes the mind and creates balance. The reason for all emotions including anxieties, fears and insecurities is the lack of experience of truth. Once the stable truth is experienced, all divisions and emotions immediately end forever. This is why the inner journey is extremely important.


On Reason for Confusions

Quote of the day (02-Feb-2020)

The secret is in stillness. That is the state of the soul. While the body, mind, intellect and ego experience the moving world, the soul remains still within, totally unaffected. That is the true state, the state of highest Samadhi, the eternal state of Shiva. The state of Immortality.


On Speaking Stillness

Quote of the day (31-Jan-2020)

It is the same consciousness that operates in every being. The same consciousness operates in the seer and the seen. When we identify this truth in everything, we understand the real meaning of non-duality, unity. When the unity awareness becomes a constant experience, enlightenment takes place.


Talking Oneness