Quote of the day (18-Dec-2019)

Life cannot be rehearsed and performed. Every moment is different and so is every situation. Those who are afraid of making mistakes in life, never explored their lives. All the adventurers have fallen many times before they found success. Those who are afraid of failures always chose mediocrity instead of individual originality. And those who could not accept failures of others have proven to be untrustworthy too.

Recently, I told a person who kept telling me to be careful about so many things and tried to induce fears in me, “I am here to experience life as it comes and express myself in my complete originality. A part of this effort might be considered as mistakes by the history. I never consider myself as perfect at all. And I cannot help mistakes or failures nor do I care. I choose to express my originality. I do not choose fears as well as comfort zones or beaten tracks because of fears. I am what I am today because I choose not to walk the beaten track even though I am aware of my imperfections. If you can accept me as I am with all my weaknesses, my several mistakes, failures and falls, we have a life ahead and a world ahead. I cannot promise success alone because I do not have any control over the results of my actions. I can only ensure that my intentions are pure, benevolent and unselfish. I cannot promise any beds of roses. If you stand by me, I shall respect you and stand by you too. If you judge me, you can never love me or accept me totally. If you stand by my failures, you will also be with me during my success. If you choose to only dish out fears and paralyze me, I have nothing to do with you.”

This is my truth yesterday, today and tomorrow.


On Living Originality

Quote of the day (29-Nov-2019)

There are many great teachers, personal and inevitable teachers – irrespective of individual qualifications, in everyone’s life. They are various events and experiences of life. We just need eyes to see them and awareness to recognize them.

Of all teachers, life itself is the master teacher, the greatest of them all. No teacher is greater or higher than LIFE.

We can also cultivate a few good teachers, such as patience and silence. They help us see truths of life objectively beyond the opinions of minds.


On Great Teachers

Quote of the day (05-Oct-2019)

This world is our real school. Life is the GURU. Soul is the Principal. Waking state is our classroom. Dream state is our homework. Beings of nature are our lessons. Experiences are our learnings. Awareness is the method. The mind is the examination. Winning over the mind is mastery.


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Quote of the day (11-May-2019)

Memories have their changing relevance with time. Their intensity and even flavor changes with time. When we carry our memories longer, clinging on to their effect at a point in time (when it happened) and their emotional impact longer, this is called ignorance, in the path of Liberation. Holding, hoarding emotions and being effected with the events of past and behaving like a slave of past incidents is a clear sign of darkness, tamas or ignorance occupying the mind. Incidents will create experiences and experiences do leave memories. This is part of the law of karma. But having nothing to do with it beyond the time of its occurrence is the WISDOM a matured spiritual person will display at all times.


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Quote of the day (16-Feb-2019)

The REAL needs no display. The REAL needs no sound, form, color, fragrance or communication. The REAL has no dependency on space, time, events or experiences. The REAL is unbound. The REAL is eternally independent. The REAL is always free. That REAL is what we call Shiva. That part of it in us is called Soul. Soul (Atma) and Shiva are one. Both are eternal.

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