Quote of the day (29-Apr-2020)

Prejudices in the listener make communication with them difficult. Swami Vivekananda faced this in America. We all face this constantly. Strong faith, belief and conviction in yourself, your guru, your path and your philosophy will help you sustain your equilibrium and convey your message against tides of mental obstacles of listeners. Here, your conviction is understood, more than your message. You win there.


On Handling Obstacles

Quote of the day (04-Dec-2019)

Seeing all masters and traditions in your own master is extremely important and even the most important determining factor for awakening awareness or actualization of oneself. When the mind wanders and seeks from many masters, the mind is just being in an escapist mode. It is cunningly and comfortably avoiding concentration, contemplation, and meditation with total faith and single-minded focus. Many masters cannot give more and more to anyone because we have our individual capacity and receptivity. Your master is all masters. He or she can give you every guidance and grace that you need provided you are with him or her with unshakable, zero doubts, consistency and conviction. Beware of your mind which cunningly enjoys various teachings just to avoid actual progress which would culminate in its own death, the death of mind because of lack of food (thoughts). This is why the tradition said one master, one tradition and consistency in given practices with conviction. Grace will flow and miles you go.


On Faking Spirituality

Quote of the day (30-Sep-2019)

I left my career to the winds and plunged myself into the uncertain, unpredictable future, deciding to make people happy with the rest of my more than half-finished life. There was no agenda. No plan. No destination or goal. Just add value in the lives of those who come my way. I never went searching for anyone, neither did I tell anyone that I am better than them. People knew I am one among them, same strengths same weaknesses. The only difference possibly was that I really wanted to make a positive change, a value addition in the lives of those I happened to meet in my journey.

Soon enough, I realized that love is the most natural, yet most difficult to manage in the world of conditions. Most people just do not know how to handle love when it is not conditional. They are at a loss, a total loss in the department of receiving love let alone giving it unconditionally. All they needed is love. But then again, there is the danger of non-acceptability. Rejection. Ridicule. Judgement. I faced it all.

I was mocked. I was insulted. I was even abused and character assassinated when all I cared for was to help them reach perpetual freedom from the binding frames of mind. I kept walking. I had only one thing to depend on – faith in myself. I believed in myself and I had firm faith in the purity of my intentions as well as the selflessness attached. I did nothing to gain name, fame or possessions. I kept walking. Sometimes the contemporary generation may not see an original who walks amongst them. It often takes posterity to recognize an original one.


Autobiographical Murmurs

Quote of the day (09-June-2019)

Trust yourself. You are unique in this world. Believe in yourself. There is nothing else so important than self-esteem. No incidents of life should take it away from you. Everything is temporary. Faith in yourself, with persistence and determination, makes legends. Never waste your time being against something or someone. Negativity never creates positive results. Believe in yourself and keep moving.


Talks on Practicing Positivity