Quote of the day (05-Feb-2020)

Experience of truth stabilizes the mind and creates balance. The reason for all emotions including anxieties, fears and insecurities is the lack of experience of truth. Once the stable truth is experienced, all divisions and emotions immediately end forever. This is why the inner journey is extremely important.


On Reason for Confusions

Quote of the day (14-Jan-2020)

Brightness has always attracted jealousy from all things dark and almost dark. Yet, brightness is never afraid of darkness. Darkness should be afraid of brightness because it affects the very existence of darkness.

Clouds can only obscure sunrays by coming between the earth and the sun. But, they can do nothing to reduce the TRUE nature of the sun which is warmth and brightness.

Hence, do not be afraid of the seeming darkness. Dare to marry brightness and stay married against all odds so that darkness will give way and dissolve from your mind and life forever.

Be with brightness. Be brightness. Give that light to the world around you without expectations.

Approval and disapproval are games that the mind plays. The heart has nothing to do with it because the very nature of the spiritual heart is acceptance. Love all and serve all. Love is the language of brightness.


On Truth is Bright

Quote of the day (08-Jan-2020)

Never bind anybody with your love or with your fears. Binding of any kind causes anxieties, suffocation, pains and disappointments. Those who are bound need to be liberated. Set them free. Freedom maintains love and ensures longevity. Freedom is one of the highest gifts that you can give to anyone. Death sets us free from all relationships and possessions. Life should set us free through elevated awareness about the truth of life.


Born Free

Quote of the day (18-Dec-2019)

Life cannot be rehearsed and performed. Every moment is different and so is every situation. Those who are afraid of making mistakes in life, never explored their lives. All the adventurers have fallen many times before they found success. Those who are afraid of failures always chose mediocrity instead of individual originality. And those who could not accept failures of others have proven to be untrustworthy too.

Recently, I told a person who kept telling me to be careful about so many things and tried to induce fears in me, “I am here to experience life as it comes and express myself in my complete originality. A part of this effort might be considered as mistakes by the history. I never consider myself as perfect at all. And I cannot help mistakes or failures nor do I care. I choose to express my originality. I do not choose fears as well as comfort zones or beaten tracks because of fears. I am what I am today because I choose not to walk the beaten track even though I am aware of my imperfections. If you can accept me as I am with all my weaknesses, my several mistakes, failures and falls, we have a life ahead and a world ahead. I cannot promise success alone because I do not have any control over the results of my actions. I can only ensure that my intentions are pure, benevolent and unselfish. I cannot promise any beds of roses. If you stand by me, I shall respect you and stand by you too. If you judge me, you can never love me or accept me totally. If you stand by my failures, you will also be with me during my success. If you choose to only dish out fears and paralyze me, I have nothing to do with you.”

This is my truth yesterday, today and tomorrow.


On Living Originality

Quote of the day (15-Dec-2019)

I never keep the money as an emotion. Instead, I handle money as an experience. The nature of money is movement. When it moves it gives experience. When it stays and stagnates, it becomes an emotion, often fear and insecurities too. When it is used for benevolent causes, it gives inner richness. When used for personal, selfish gratifications, it just delivers momentary pleasures. Money is important. When treated with respect, it enriches. When treated with fear, it binds. When it accumulates, it enslaves. When it is hard-earned, it gives contentment. When money supersedes relationships, the result is regret. When a relationship is higher than money, it enriches life. Money is transitory. Relationships are precious.

Hence respect money, but not above relationships.


Money Matters

Quote of the day (08-Dec-2019)

Wider reach, impact and presence in the world usually correspond to the wider expansion of consciousness of the person. Wider acceptance of a limited mind is not possible unless its medium of operation is through fear. The operating platform will be unconditional love for a person of expanded consciousness. He will want nothing from the world; instead, he would give himself to the world completely.


On Finding True Masters

Quote of the day (04-Oct-2019)

As a child, we were part of the whole universe, one with it. We were not disconnected. Adulthood conditioned us, branded us based on clothes and qualifications. Adulthood restricted us to man-made norms and laws. We are all children, craving to be free from within, pushing against the boundaries that have enveloped us and bound us. Fear is a common armor of adulthood. Every human knows deep within that real freedom lies within, but is afraid to return to their childhood to get it. This should be the immediate quest of adulthood – to be FREE.


Freedom Lies Within