Quote of the day (03-Mar-2020)

A beautiful lotus flower has its roots in mud, but is unaffected by it. It always stays afloat. Water does not drench it either.

If the water level increases, it does not drown. If the water level decreases, it does not break or fall. It peacefully survives the unavoidable ups and downs of water levels of life. Life is like this water level. It fluctuates.

Like a lotus flower, wise people stay afloat unaffected, with perfect acceptance and no complaints. Even if life brings dirt of disappointments, estrangements and betrayals to our existence, we should look up and look ahead to the bright sky of possibilities and shine bright with optimism.


Essential optimism

Quote of the day (06-Jan-2019)

Yoga is not about the flexibility of the body. Yoga is about total unification. Body, mind, intellect, ego, senses, spirit and every aspect of existence uniting into oneness. Yoga stabilizes the yogi beyond all fluctuations and divisions of mind as well as all emotions. Yoga means being natural, being you. Yogic unification will give the yogi the highest flexibility, not only of the body, but mind, intellect and ego as well. Spirit is always flexible and so is our soul. When yoga makes us one unit, we are in absolute flexibility mode, through total acceptance and no conflicts inside and outside. 


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