Quote of the day (03-May-2020)

Liberation Notes

Avoid, do not Hate

We do not have to hate anyone or anything. We can avoid consciously just like we will spontaneously avoid dangerous things in life. Avoiding what we do not like, leaves less impressions and memories inside us than if we hate them and remember them always. Less impressions means more freedom. Less enemies, lighter is the existence. Lesser distractions, better concentration. Hence, avoid hatred. Avoid people, places and situations that you do not like.


On Living Freedom

Quote of the day (01-May-2020)

When a man is deeply attached to the burden of his memories, sensory pleasures, emotions, concepts, prejudices and insecurities, how can he ever know the truth and true freedom? Freedom is a perpetual state. You are always free from everything connected to an incarnation, as an unattached soul. You don’t have nor need any baggage ever.


The Soul Song

Quote of the day (14-Apr-2020)

That which occupies your mind more than usual time is a trap. It could be a person, a situation, an emotion, a notion, a location, a concept, an opinion or even an experience. The mind should always remain free and empty. Unnecessary occupation is unnatural for the mind. Freedom from thoughts is the natural state of a free mind. A trap is something that takes this freedom away.


On Invisible Traps

Quote of the day (10-Apr-2020)

We are a world in our own right. Every person is a world by himself. Every crowd is a specimen of our world. Collectively, me, you and the crowd are the world. We are the world. When we understand that, we will never feel separated from the world. We will never be away from our freedom.


We are the world

Quote of the day (01-Feb-2020)

We are trying to understand life in parts, fragments. This is the reason why we do not really get the thread. Try to understand life as a whole, by observing, witnessing, not comparing, criticizing, judging, and entertaining self-pity. By totally accepting everything happening in life and practicing non-resistance, you will gain more and more clarity and detachment from life and life’s events. This brings freedom.


On Continuity of Life