Quote of the day (06-May-2020)

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Because we know that if we cannot see God or Guru within us, we cannot see them outside us too. Whatever we “see” outside is a reflection of what we have inside us. Hence, even if we are praying to something outside us, essentially we are praying to something inside us. Everything is as we are inside; our whole existence.


On Inner Connection

Quote of the day (02-Apr-2020)

Lack of awareness of the difference between spirituality and religion is the cause of most confusions in the world. Spirituality means finding the truth within oneself which brings forth mastery over mind-matter. Religions are road maps to oneself and the God within. Spirituality is an individual’s journey to himself.


On religions and spirituality

Quote of the day (22-Feb-2020)

I offer to you what is mine, my Lord.

When I searched for what is legitimately mine, I found nothing. The air that I breathe to stay alive belongs to air. I am just borrowing it. The water in my body belongs to the water. I had borrowed it for some time. The fire in my body belongs to fire. The space I use and this body belong to the earth. My mind, intellect and ego belong to ether. And all these are born out of you.

Finally, I realize that it is you who is making it all stay together and function as a unit. Hence, there is only YOU and YOURS anyway. What can I give you my Lord? I can only offer to you this illusion of separation from you, my Lord. It is indeed you. There is no me. Thank you for making me aware of this. Thank you. That is all I can offer to you. Even that is from you!


Realization, the real prayer

Quote of the day (12-Feb-2020)

Manipulators use illusions, seeming miracles and various temptations to create smoke and smokescreen in the minds of ignorant people. Always remember to stick to reality and truth. God needs nothing from anyone. Everything belongs to God. We need to realize God within us. This needs our own concentrated effort. Nobody else can do it for us. The spiritual journey is always your inner journey. Nobody else can walk this path on our behalf.


On Fake Guides

Quote of the day (03-Feb-2020)

The generations to come will consider the pre-technology era as the dark age and the post-high-tech communication era as the new age. But looking at awareness levels, mankind has not progressed a bit. In fact, technology seems to have made human minds degenerated, more self-centered and insensitive. The virtual life has created distance more than connections, or perhaps unreal, imaginary connections such as social media platforms. So, perhaps the dark age began when technology made us islands instead of unifying the world in love and harmony.

India never had a dark age. When generations lived in respect and harmony, there cannot be a dark age. India explored, identified and realized the essence of existence, the God particle within every creation, loved it and respected it. India believed in Ahimsa (non-violence) as the highest righteous duty and never attacked any nations. This identification spared this land from the state of ignorance connected to non-understanding of truth and value of life. Our great literature like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas are all testimonials of great refinement. We never had a dark age.


On Dark ages