Quote of the day (05-Jan-2020)

Individual karma (with its roots in unfulfilled desires) is the cause of events of life. Those who attribute to another, especially a guru, for their sets of successes and failures of life are existing in gross ignorance. Grace can only soften the intensity of hard-earned desires. A guru can probably soften the impact of experiences by giving awareness and energy protection. Nothing more. Birth, death and major events of life are predetermined, predestined before taking this birth. A guru has nothing to do with it. If this is not understood, estrangement from the guru is the result, along with its quota of disappointments, disillusionment and despair.


On Raw Destiny

Quote of the day (12-Dec-2019)

Never take any aspects of life for granted. Never disrespect any place, people, materials or grace. When you respect life and all its aspects, life will also respect you. Respect life and respect all lives. Your life will be a fragrant garden of wonders. You will laugh even in the depths of sorrows. The right attitude is the right life.


On living right

Quote of the day (04-Dec-2019)

Seeing all masters and traditions in your own master is extremely important and even the most important determining factor for awakening awareness or actualization of oneself. When the mind wanders and seeks from many masters, the mind is just being in an escapist mode. It is cunningly and comfortably avoiding concentration, contemplation, and meditation with total faith and single-minded focus. Many masters cannot give more and more to anyone because we have our individual capacity and receptivity. Your master is all masters. He or she can give you every guidance and grace that you need provided you are with him or her with unshakable, zero doubts, consistency and conviction. Beware of your mind which cunningly enjoys various teachings just to avoid actual progress which would culminate in its own death, the death of mind because of lack of food (thoughts). This is why the tradition said one master, one tradition and consistency in given practices with conviction. Grace will flow and miles you go.


On Faking Spirituality