Quote of the day (06-May-2020)

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Because we know that if we cannot see God or Guru within us, we cannot see them outside us too. Whatever we “see” outside is a reflection of what we have inside us. Hence, even if we are praying to something outside us, essentially we are praying to something inside us. Everything is as we are inside; our whole existence.


On Inner Connection

Quote of the day (07-Jan-2020)

A true companion is someone who is around you when you need him, but will never limit your freedom or free will.

A true friend is one who is stable, will never leave your hand in any situation, and loves you without any expectations.

A true guru is one who always keeps his followers free and unbound.

In all relationships, the bottom line is FREEDOM.


On Born Free, Live Freedom

Quote of the day (05-Jan-2020)

Individual karma (with its roots in unfulfilled desires) is the cause of events of life. Those who attribute to another, especially a guru, for their sets of successes and failures of life are existing in gross ignorance. Grace can only soften the intensity of hard-earned desires. A guru can probably soften the impact of experiences by giving awareness and energy protection. Nothing more. Birth, death and major events of life are predetermined, predestined before taking this birth. A guru has nothing to do with it. If this is not understood, estrangement from the guru is the result, along with its quota of disappointments, disillusionment and despair.


On Raw Destiny

Quote of the day (25-Dec-2019)

Discipline in the chosen practice is as important as acceptance of inclinations while walking the path of liberation. Consistency and concentration are true blessings too, for transcendence to higher awareness. Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and lethargy are its hindrances. We eventually become what we are focused on. When thoughts subside and mind gets freed through sincere integration into the consciousness of guru and through the disciplined practice of awareness, everyone becomes a master.


On True Freedom

Quote of the day (05-Oct-2019)

This world is our real school. Life is the GURU. Soul is the Principal. Waking state is our classroom. Dream state is our homework. Beings of nature are our lessons. Experiences are our learnings. Awareness is the method. The mind is the examination. Winning over the mind is mastery.


Talks on 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

Quote of the day (02-Aug-2019)

God (the energy factor), true Guru (the guiding factor), and soul (the life factor) are one and the same. They are non-invasive and do not interfere in the karmic drama. They witness, watch and perform their duties without ownership or doership. God factor provides the time, space and platform, Guru factor exists as a reminder of who you are, and soul factor provides the energy for experiencing the existence. They are unbound by the actions of an individual and the corresponding results, and they never interfere in associated drama except through objective participation. If this is understood clearly, clarity will dawn in mind and we will become more responsible and will seldom cry for our rights nor will we blame God or Guru for our share of dramas of life.


On Simple Truths

Quote of the day (27-June-2019)

Guru’s feet are the end of our problems? Not at all. Guru helps you with awareness. He gives you stability which means better endurance and flexibility through higher awareness. He gives you the capacity to handle the problems of life. Problems are related to the results of our past actions. Results will happen for every action. Even the duration of life is determined by that. Events and experiences are products of our past actions. Guru helps with awareness. He helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and the stream of life. When we are not affected by happiness and sorrows of life, life becomes more peaceful through acceptance. Better awareness is the grace factor. It needs consistency, conviction and connection to gain that. Otherwise, the presence of a Guru has no value. Miracles do happen, if we are eligible for it. Again, eligibility is in lack of expectations and in more emptiness inside.


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