Quote of the day (18-Nov-2019)

One of the major human ignorance patterns is the belief that materials, people or suitable places are required for happiness. Happiness lies within. Whatever is external of us cannot guarantee any happiness. Happiness depends on our inner state. The stability of that state has a lot to do with self-acceptance. Happiness is an inner state. This remembrance is extremely important when walking the path of liberation. Hence happiness is an attitude as well as our choice.


On True Happiness

Quote of the day (23-June-2019)

As human beings, we should always remember that we are not trash cans. The burden of our disappointments, disagreements and distress weighs us down and drowns the happiness of every moment of life. Why should we carry bad memories? We may have behaved good or bad based on the circumstances at that time and someone would have behaved respectfully or with contempt towards you based on their personal state and emotional structure of that time. When we carry those memories for a long period of time and carve our life based on that, we suffer. That time and those people are not in our physical world now, yet the ghosts of emotions sitting in our mind as memories haunt us still. Our mind should be empty and free. We shall enjoy this moment as this is all that we have. This is why Power of Purity meditation is made, to unhook people from their past burden of disappointing memories.


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Quote of the day (20-Apr-2019)

The state of perfect detachment from everything external is inevitable for all individuals in some lifetime after going through many lifetimes of patterns and pleasures. It is also possible in this lifetime if one is so focused and determined. The sign of this state is being unaffected with whatever happens in the external world and internal world, as well as a perpetual state of contentment – happy with everything, all pleasures and pains or a state of unruffled mind and peace always.

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Quote of the day (26-Feb-2019)

The one within all beings is immortal. That is the one who never sleeps. That is the one who witnesses without interference. That is the one that is dispassionate and detached. That is the real one. That is immortal. We are living seeds of immortality. We are not this seeming incarnation. We are the immortality within this incarnation. We are the light, lightness, brilliance, happiness, bliss and love within the shell of this seeming, temporary projected personality. We are not the projector or projection. We are not the actor or the drama. We are not the producer or director. We are the light which enlivens it all. We are immortal.

Song of Immortality