Quote of the day (23-Jan-2020)

When people bring man-made materials to me, I receive them with gratitude even though I may not know what to do with those materials and subsequently give them away. Instead, I always request people to bring me their hearts filled with love which is genuinely theirs, truly unique, genuine, priceless and leave them with me. I shall take good care of them and keep them safe with me always. I never give any hearts away ever.


On Gifts and Greetings

Quote of the day (11-Dec-2019)

Never be upset when someone hates you for what you spontaneously are. Remember, not everyone knows how to give or receive love, nor everyone is used to sharing love. But we should always express our ultimate best, our heart, our highest unconditional love. Love can change the world for the better.


On Love All

Quote of the day (25-Aug-2019)

It is our responsibility. Every bit of land, air, water, space is our responsibility. It is the responsibility of every human being, all human beings. Nature has no borders, boundaries and countries. The effects of the destruction of nature affect all beings and human beings are responsible. Human beings are physically, intellectually and karmically responsible. There is no running away from it. Nobody can point a finger at the other. All are responsible. Human system is responsible. Human greed is responsible. Human mindset, which excludes one another is responsible. A fire at one corner of the earth can affect every corner of the earth. It can kill more living beings at a faster pace than ever before. The fire is set in our hearts and not in the forests. When forests die along with its inhabitants, our heart dies. No philosopher can help. No individual can help. It needs to rise from the conscience of humanity. Conscience. Conscience. Conscience is what we need to nurture, establish and act from. Greed has destroyed the basic fabric of human existence. Greed is dividing and killing. Religions are doing the same. Things have gone beyond repair. May every being on earth flourish. Let there be harmony. May love flourish. May understanding, compassion and awareness rule minds. May there be PEACE. What else can I say?


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Quote of the day (07-Aug-2019)

When you search for me in the world around you, I am just another image that you think might give you some kind of gratification. But when you find me within your heart, I am yours forever. If I am restricted to a partial, waking state existence in your life, I am too optional. If you nurture me within you, I am perpetual for you. We have no separation. Whatever we keep outside of us, and maintain dependency, gives the pain of separation too. This is good for all our relationships.


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