Quote of the day (27-Mar-2020)

Cruelty-free lifestyle, Ahimsa, and respect towards all creations are clear signs of human refinement. At this juncture of our existence when isolation became essential, reunification should happen based on humanity and human refinement, not again on the basis of caste, country, culture, color, religion or language boundaries. Humans need humanity to be humans and humanity needs a world without boundaries.


On Essential Humanity

Quote of the day (25-Mar-2020

When humanity is compromised, mankind is affected adversely. We compromised humanity for the sake of our tongue. We compromised humanity for the sake of our skin. We compromised humanity for the sake of our habits, desires, patterns and greed. This compromised our very existence as a species. When nature strikes back for the blood that we have spilled on earth, we have nowhere to hide. This is our truth today and every day. It is time to wake up. A lifestyle of compassion, kindness and non-violence is the only remedy.


On when humanity is compromised

Quote of the day (08-Feb-2020)

Humanity first. Man degenerated when human beings became religious symbols. Humanity died when humans looked at their own species in terms of religions. There is only one religion, humanity. It is time we recognize ourselves as one species and consider ourselves as human beings instead of religious tags. The most appropriate philosophy for the refined human species is compassion and non-violence.


On Humanity First

Quote of the day (13-Jan-2020)

When we kill any being at all, ethics dies, kindness dies in our heart, compassion dies too, soft and nurturing feelings die, positivity dies, humanity dies. Conscience itself dies.

One act of violence murders so many beautiful aspects of us and it delivers irreparable damage to the world around us too.


On Violence

Quote of the day (10-Jan-2020)

Humanity should only be measured through our attitude towards life, how we live, the gratitude that we express every moment, inherent spontaneous expressions of compassion, kindness, love and genuine care for all beings of the world. Humanity is a lifestyle based on compassion and non-violence. All that humans need is humanity.


On essential humanity