Quote of the day (18-May-2022)

Avoid pride over changing things. That will keep you sane. Childhood, youth, middle age, and old age are all momentary and transitory. Before we sit down and take pride, time would have changed it. Hence do not worry about any state of life. Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy this moment with extreme humility and gratitude. Life is irreversible. Life is happening at this moment and does not wait at all for anyone or anything.

On Life Basics

Quote of the day (12-May-2022)

Circumstances change in no time. In the flow of time, nothing is certain forever, even life to this body. A king can become a pauper and a pauper a king in no time. No situation remains forever. Hence, practice humility and compassion while you can. Death can switch off our life, quite unceremoniously, anytime. Always remember that within the next 30 years many of us, at least in my age group, will not be walking this earth in our current body. Spread love and compassion every moment, every day.

On Simple Truths

Quote of the day (08-Feb-2022)

Simplicity. Humility. Genuinity. Reliability.
These are the four pillars of Mohanji Lifestyle.

Our Foundation is made with Non-violence (in thoughts, expressions and actions). Respect. Acceptance. Awareness. Compassion. Selflessness, Kindness and Unconditional Love.

The spine of our foundation is made by Consistency. Conviction. Concentration in Consciousness.

On Pillars of Mohanji Platforms

Quote of the day (17-Dec-2021)

Selfless service is worship. It is meditation. It is surrender. It is purification. Selfless service with Humility and without expectations of name or fame elevates one’s operating frequency. It establishes deep purpose and awareness too.
There is no substitute for Selfless service.

On Karma Yoga

Quote of the day (08-Nov-2021)

We never farmed crops.
We never tilled crops.
We never sorted or cleaned.
We just served. We just served.
Why should we be proud?
Why should we have an ego?
We are only delivery boys.
Unknown hands made it.
Unknown stomachs consumed.
We are just delivery boys.
Just humble delivery boys.
Doing what we are hired to do.

On “I” should not exist