Quote of the day (22-Sep-2019)

Success is in keep moving. Success is in no procrastination.

Success is in promptness.

Success is in acceptance of mistakes and taking corrective measures without thinking twice.

Success is in a purposeful life.

Success is in humility and acceptance.

Success is in giving way to others and letting them win.

Success is in believing in yourself.

Success is in innovation and determination.

Success is in your unique individuality and the ability to express it consistently without expectations, despite ridicule or lack of acceptance from society.


Success Mantras

Quote of the day (19-Sep-2019)

Consistency. Determination. Ability to stay afloat during the worst tsunamis of life. Clarity of purpose. Humility. Acceptance. Ability to love against a sea of hatred. Selflessness. Purity in thoughts, words and actions. Compassion. Focus. Commonsense. Others first. No Enmity. A balanced outlook. Kindness. Detached from anger, hatred and jealousy. Gratitude. Remembering and supporting friends, allies and those who stood with us during our darkest times. Goodness factor. Ability to rise and function in adverse times. These are a few of my favorite things.


On ingredients of SUCCESS

Quote of the day (02-May-2019)

Every experience that every person has in every moment has a history, reason, collaboration (of various forces big or small) in its formation. Just like so many factors have nurtured our very existence on earth, just like the food on our plate has gone through numerous hands before it reached our plate, every moment that we live is influenced and supported by numerous factors. Hence judging any situation on its face value is utter foolishness. There are deeper reasons behind every situation. Even though we attribute the taste of food to the chef, no chef can make food out of nothing. The quality and availability of various materials helped the chef to create what he did. Thus, so many factors decided what we experience. This understanding should help us to practice humility. This should make us understand how insignificant is the nurtured and projected personality. We are here today, thanks to trillions of factors and situations. We have nothing to boast about. All our possessions, positions and achievements also have all these factors joining together in creating it. All our wealth and assets have changed hands and ownership over time. Everything has been transitory. Everything has changed hands or got destroyed, disintegrated. Always remember this and stay humble and grateful.

On the importance of Practicing Insignificance

Quote of the day (11-Mar-2019)

Humility is natural when stability happens in substratum. Mind-matter (mind, intellect, ego) are projectors. They need substance to project. When substance reduces, the projector goes silent. Substance are stored desires. Desires are the raw materials for mind-matter. When desires reduce, the state of stillness, peace is experienced. This brings the unit closer to the being, the inherent source. Mind-matter associates itself with the source and eventually merges into it. Absolute freedom is experienced when mind-matter dissolves with the being and establishes itself as perfect beingness. In perfect beingness, natural state is insignificance and expression of that is humility.

Speaks about Anatomy of Humility