Quote of the day (05-Jan-2020)

Individual karma (with its roots in unfulfilled desires) is the cause of events of life. Those who attribute to another, especially a guru, for their sets of successes and failures of life are existing in gross ignorance. Grace can only soften the intensity of hard-earned desires. A guru can probably soften the impact of experiences by giving awareness and energy protection. Nothing more. Birth, death and major events of life are predetermined, predestined before taking this birth. A guru has nothing to do with it. If this is not understood, estrangement from the guru is the result, along with its quota of disappointments, disillusionment and despair.


On Raw Destiny

Quote of the day (27-Nov-2019)

When expectations increase, relationships die. Likewise, when a man becomes concepts and ideologies, he becomes an island.

A concept-ridden closed mind is a self-created prison. Like a caged bird that eventually gets used to its cage and loses all spontaneity to handle life in free nature, if set free, man believes in his comfort zone prison and even believes that he is safe and hence pretty fine there. Freedom lies imprisoned forever there. Such men do “exist” but never “live”. This is roughly the nature of most modern men who all are individual islands. They like you if you endorse their views and dislike or disown you if you have different views. When minds are not open for truth, the dim light of ignorance is their only reality that makes one believe that prison is safer from the open world of unpredictability.


On Signs of Times

Quote of the day (18-Nov-2019)

One of the major human ignorance patterns is the belief that materials, people or suitable places are required for happiness. Happiness lies within. Whatever is external of us cannot guarantee any happiness. Happiness depends on our inner state. The stability of that state has a lot to do with self-acceptance. Happiness is an inner state. This remembrance is extremely important when walking the path of liberation. Hence happiness is an attitude as well as our choice.


On True Happiness

Quote of the day (06-Oct-2019)

The face of all refugees and the displaced are the same. Despair. Uncertainty. Insecurity. Anxiety. Accented survival instinct. Wars create this. Wars cause all these. Time and again, history has repeated this. The cause of the current state of the earth is human greed born out of ignorance. Me and Mine. Craving for possessions and possessiveness. History keeps repeating as insatiable humans keep coming back. Awareness is important. Awareness that nothing outside of us belongs to us ever and life is not depended on them beyond a point is essential.

Peace can happen only when this awareness takes deep roots in human consciousness. Otherwise, the peacemakers are just wasting their time, adding to noise pollution and churning out words and expressions that nobody feels nor understands.


History of Crisis

Quote of the day (14-June-2019)

Competition is madness unless it is recreational. Consultation and discussions are positive and refined acts in human existence. Refinement is in articulation for the sake of knowing what is unclear and telling that which is provenly clear. Argument is rooted in ignorance and ego together. Discussion instead of argument is a clear sign of spiritual maturity too.


Talks on Practicing Positivity