Quote of the day (13-Mar-2020)

Make sure because of us nobody suffers. If someone does anything for you, do not take it for granted. Compensate abundantly. If someone makes you suffer, do not worry, they are also paying for it sooner or later. Nothing escapes the eyes of karma.


On Justice of Karma

Quote of the day (10-Feb-2020)

Sorrow is a misunderstanding. It is caused by expectations. The other side is acceptance. In the physical world, all things are based on karmic inevitability. In the spiritual realm, all things are based on the play of the divine. When this understanding matures and man starts witnessing the inevitable karma, using time, space, people and materials, rooted in divine play, there is no room for expectations, disappointment and sorrows.


On Absolute Wisdom

Quote of the day (17-Jan-2020)

We are a bundle of misunderstandings. All our lives, most of us, live these misunderstandings. Here are some of those:

A. We believe that we are our personalities, based on possessions and positions.

B. We are deciding our lives every day.

C. We own earth, big or small.

D. We are bigger, higher or greater than the other or we are inferior to another.

E. We believe we are this body, mind or personality and struggle to maintain it. Panic when it is affected.

F. We bank heavily on relationships and believe that they are here for our sake while all relationships are as good as individual, independent karma allows. (desire patterns and vasanas or inclinations permits).

G. We experience disappointments when our expectations of permanence fail. We do not remember that everything evolves and changes every moment and nothing that’s born remains the same forever.

These are a few of our favorite, frequent misunderstandings.


On Ironies and Misunderstandings

Quote of the day (05-Jan-2020)

Individual karma (with its roots in unfulfilled desires) is the cause of events of life. Those who attribute to another, especially a guru, for their sets of successes and failures of life are existing in gross ignorance. Grace can only soften the intensity of hard-earned desires. A guru can probably soften the impact of experiences by giving awareness and energy protection. Nothing more. Birth, death and major events of life are predetermined, predestined before taking this birth. A guru has nothing to do with it. If this is not understood, estrangement from the guru is the result, along with its quota of disappointments, disillusionment and despair.


On Raw Destiny

Quote of the day (27-Dec-2019)

When a seeker connects to the source deeper and deeper, with concentration and consistency, extrasensory perceptions and powers get awakened from within spontaneously. They are not to be displayed to prove to the world of delusions. Instead, they should be totally ignored, or else they will maintain ego, the great wall between the soul and the source. If unattached to spiritual powers, there will be no contamination and associated consequences. Every intervention has a karmic price. Nothing is free. If at all a master needs to intervene in the life of a karmic being, it is essential to maintain the purity of intention and lack of ownership of action.


On the use of Spiritual Powers