Quote of the day (03-May-2020)

Liberation Notes

Avoid, do not Hate

We do not have to hate anyone or anything. We can avoid consciously just like we will spontaneously avoid dangerous things in life. Avoiding what we do not like, leaves less impressions and memories inside us than if we hate them and remember them always. Less impressions means more freedom. Less enemies, lighter is the existence. Lesser distractions, better concentration. Hence, avoid hatred. Avoid people, places and situations that you do not like.


On Living Freedom

Quote of the day (30-Apr-2020)

When you are clear and sure that you are not earth, water, fire, air and space (as well as the conglomeration of all these that we call the body) and the one who is in all these things, separately and as a seeming unit, you have understood the truth. You are established in the path of liberation.


On Liberation Matters

Quote of the day (15-Mar-2020)

Most of our prayers are connected to the maintenance of our patterns. We pray to God to maintain things or situations that we are used to. Instead of acceptance and thus the dissolution of patterns, we intensely pray for the maintenance of it. This is probably because we feel insecure when our patterns are disturbed, despite them being tedious and binding. Here, we are making our own traps and cages. Hence, the only prayer that helps us liberate ourselves from our very existence is the prayer of Gratitude. Prayer of gratitude is acceptance as well. Acceptance liberates us. Just pray THANK YOU with your whole heart.


Prayers for Patterns

Quote of the day (08-Jan-2020)

Never bind anybody with your love or with your fears. Binding of any kind causes anxieties, suffocation, pains and disappointments. Those who are bound need to be liberated. Set them free. Freedom maintains love and ensures longevity. Freedom is one of the highest gifts that you can give to anyone. Death sets us free from all relationships and possessions. Life should set us free through elevated awareness about the truth of life.


Born Free

Quote of the day (03-Jan-2020)

The Himalayas mean a grand tradition. The Himalayas represent the tradition of liberation from attachment to body, mind, intellect, ego and all attachments connected to “me” and “mine”. The Himalayas are Vedas. They are also Vedanta (the upanishads), puranas, shrutis and smritis. The Himalayas are culture, refinement, highest human aspirations and elevated awareness. The Himalayas are purification, ultimate wisdom and liberation. The Himalayas represent the highest aspiration of man. The Himalayas are Shiva, the supreme consciousness. The Himalayas are the essence – the soul of everything and every being. The Himalayas are the mother (Ganga), father (Shiva) and all other states of human existence. The Himalayas are not just another range of mountains; they are the essence of all mountains, oceans and skies.


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