Quote of the day (14-Jan-2020)

Brightness has always attracted jealousy from all things dark and almost dark. Yet, brightness is never afraid of darkness. Darkness should be afraid of brightness because it affects the very existence of darkness.

Clouds can only obscure sunrays by coming between the earth and the sun. But, they can do nothing to reduce the TRUE nature of the sun which is warmth and brightness.

Hence, do not be afraid of the seeming darkness. Dare to marry brightness and stay married against all odds so that darkness will give way and dissolve from your mind and life forever.

Be with brightness. Be brightness. Give that light to the world around you without expectations.

Approval and disapproval are games that the mind plays. The heart has nothing to do with it because the very nature of the spiritual heart is acceptance. Love all and serve all. Love is the language of brightness.


On Truth is Bright

Quote of the day (31-Dec-2019)

Total loss is total gain.

When “me” and “mine” are totally lost, we become everything.

When whatever we identify with is lost, we become everything.

When you and I have no separation, we become complete love.

When we totally lose our limitedness, we become the universe.

When light appears, darkness loses itself into the light.

When wisdom dawns, ignorance loses itself.

When I lost myself, I became everyone.


On True Spirituality

Quote of the day (13-Nov-2019)

I have come to open the doors and windows of your mind and make you aware of the truth and reality that you might have forgotten under the burden of accumulated emotions over lifetimes. I do my job always, responsibly and unconditionally. If you close the doors and windows that I have opened for you as soon as I move, I may not get another chance to come back and open it again for you in this lifetime. It is your duty to keep them open and let the rays of awareness to enter your lives. Your conviction and consistency are very important. Your freedom and free will to be in darkness despite the God-given opportunity to be in light are also well respected. The choice is yours. I have done my part. The rest is yours. It is your life, your freedom. There should be no compulsions. Your wish to walk with me and open the doors and windows of many others is also your choice and discretion. You are always welcome.


On boundaries of His work

Quote of the day (11-Nov-2019)

Most pains of our life are from unhealed wounds (untreated emotions) of our past. Treat your emotions with awareness. Bless them as another valuable experience of life. Everything that is born must die. Whatever is dead must be cremated. Let them go. Life is a continuous flow. Forgive. Forget. Most importantly, let go. Life should be light and bright.


On emotional baggage

Quote of the day (14-Sep-2019)

Fire is a symbol of transformation. Deep connection to divine ignites transformation within. The essence of divine is that which transforms. Fire (agni) transforms everything that it comes into contact with. Fire and divine are stable in their essence. It is light as well as heat that creates, sustains and dissolves. This is the relevance of “dhuni” (fire pit) in our tradition. The essence within fire and the essence within us are one and the same.


Relevance of Dhuni