Quote of the day (28-Dec-2019)

“Mohanji, it is effortless to connect with you. I feel free and relaxed with you which I have never experienced in my life. I feel free. How can I replicate this with all my relationships?”

Mohanji: The secret is being unconditional. When I need nothing from you, my love for you is pure and unconditional. Most relationships are conditional which chokes life. When relationships are conditional, there are usually many masks and pretensions. When it is unconditional, there is total acceptance, which means you can absolutely be as you are. This makes you relaxed and easy. When you need nothing from another, when you’re emotionally self-sufficient, you are light and free. This is our true nature. When we are natural, we are effortless.


On Living Unconditional

Quote of the day (18-Dec-2019)

Life cannot be rehearsed and performed. Every moment is different and so is every situation. Those who are afraid of making mistakes in life, never explored their lives. All the adventurers have fallen many times before they found success. Those who are afraid of failures always chose mediocrity instead of individual originality. And those who could not accept failures of others have proven to be untrustworthy too.

Recently, I told a person who kept telling me to be careful about so many things and tried to induce fears in me, “I am here to experience life as it comes and express myself in my complete originality. A part of this effort might be considered as mistakes by the history. I never consider myself as perfect at all. And I cannot help mistakes or failures nor do I care. I choose to express my originality. I do not choose fears as well as comfort zones or beaten tracks because of fears. I am what I am today because I choose not to walk the beaten track even though I am aware of my imperfections. If you can accept me as I am with all my weaknesses, my several mistakes, failures and falls, we have a life ahead and a world ahead. I cannot promise success alone because I do not have any control over the results of my actions. I can only ensure that my intentions are pure, benevolent and unselfish. I cannot promise any beds of roses. If you stand by me, I shall respect you and stand by you too. If you judge me, you can never love me or accept me totally. If you stand by my failures, you will also be with me during my success. If you choose to only dish out fears and paralyze me, I have nothing to do with you.”

This is my truth yesterday, today and tomorrow.


On Living Originality

Quote of the day (12-Dec-2019)

Never take any aspects of life for granted. Never disrespect any place, people, materials or grace. When you respect life and all its aspects, life will also respect you. Respect life and respect all lives. Your life will be a fragrant garden of wonders. You will laugh even in the depths of sorrows. The right attitude is the right life.


On living right

Quote of the day (27-Nov-2019)

When expectations increase, relationships die. Likewise, when a man becomes concepts and ideologies, he becomes an island.

A concept-ridden closed mind is a self-created prison. Like a caged bird that eventually gets used to its cage and loses all spontaneity to handle life in free nature, if set free, man believes in his comfort zone prison and even believes that he is safe and hence pretty fine there. Freedom lies imprisoned forever there. Such men do “exist” but never “live”. This is roughly the nature of most modern men who all are individual islands. They like you if you endorse their views and dislike or disown you if you have different views. When minds are not open for truth, the dim light of ignorance is their only reality that makes one believe that prison is safer from the open world of unpredictability.


On Signs of Times

Quote of the day (06-Nov-2019)

Live your life based on your own truth, as you experienced it. Many of us live lies and believe that is the truth. Many even avoid situations fearing the truth. Good experiences get discarded as illusions when we disown our own reality. These are the people who get manipulated by others’ words and seeming experiences. When you live your own truth moment to moment, you are stable, irrespective of fluctuations – the rises and falls of life.


On the importance of living own truth