Quote of the day (01-May-2020)

When a man is deeply attached to the burden of his memories, sensory pleasures, emotions, concepts, prejudices and insecurities, how can he ever know the truth and true freedom? Freedom is a perpetual state. You are always free from everything connected to an incarnation, as an unattached soul. You don’t have nor need any baggage ever.


The Soul Song

Quote of the day (17-Feb-2020)

Soul consciousness spontaneously reveals all our past lives. Even though our soul stores no memories, being one with the soul will open up all the dimensions of awareness automatically. But it will not have any relevance to us when we get there. They will just feel like the milestones that we traveled past.


On Real Regression

Quote of the day (15-Nov-2019)

Eyes are the same. Visions are many. Visions depend on how the mind sees things through the given senses. Visions are temporary. Eyes travel through time into eternity. Keep witnessing the passing visions with the full awareness that they move, pass on and disappear with time, just like views from a moving train. Some memories may stay, some dissolve too. This is life.


On Simple Truths

Quote of the day (12-Sep-2019)

Change your attitude to change your fortunes. Start thinking about what you can give instead of what you can take from each relationship. Remember, we cannot own relationships, time and experiences derived out of them. It is wise to accept every relationship on its merit (experiences – good or bad). It is foolish to deny, reject or revenge. Those experiences stay deeper and longer always. Acceptance diffuses memories while rejection sustains them.


Secrets of success

Quote of the day (23-Aug-2019)

Remembrance is good. But be aware that just like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there are good remembrance and bad remembrance. Good remembrances are the memories that transformed your existence, those incidents that enhanced your awareness and life. Bad remembrances are those which invoke emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, possessiveness, so on and so forth. We should trash those unwanted memories of incidents that change flavors with time. Those that do not leave a mark of transformation are unnecessary for us. They are just an unnecessary burden. Those transformative memories are good for us. We should remember them because they are not only our reality, but also could be useful for others to raise their awareness. It should be articulated. Transformative memories are good memories. Memories that provoke binding emotions are bad memories.


YOU are what you STORE

Quote of the day (17-July-2019)

Most of our likes are connected to our associations of that time. And many are connected to the fantasies related to those associations too, which are totally individualistic and time-bound. When association changes, likes also change into dislikes and vice versa. This is to be understood as the play of mind. Whatever mind projects are those that are relevant to that time of life. Storing those moments as memories and living under its burden throughout life is the root cause of much entrapments and various kinds of emotional bondage.


On Anatomy of Bondage