Quote of the day (15-Dec-2019)

I never keep the money as an emotion. Instead, I handle money as an experience. The nature of money is movement. When it moves it gives experience. When it stays and stagnates, it becomes an emotion, often fear and insecurities too. When it is used for benevolent causes, it gives inner richness. When used for personal, selfish gratifications, it just delivers momentary pleasures. Money is important. When treated with respect, it enriches. When treated with fear, it binds. When it accumulates, it enslaves. When it is hard-earned, it gives contentment. When money supersedes relationships, the result is regret. When a relationship is higher than money, it enriches life. Money is transitory. Relationships are precious.

Hence respect money, but not above relationships.


Money Matters

Quote of the day (12-Aug-2019)

Money, possessions and positions are left behind, in their own justified, appropriate place at the time of our death. Our close relatives and friends travel with our body until the grave and they also leave us. Only the good and bad effects of what we have performed in our active lifetime travel with us beyond our death. Do remember this every day. Love and live consciously.


On know the truth


Love is everything. Love is more valuable than money, property, possessions, positions, qualifications and all kinds of wealth. The ability to love under all circumstances is the highest human quality. Love is everything.


Talks on Practicing Positivity 12