Quote of the day (30-Apr-2020)

When you are clear and sure that you are not earth, water, fire, air and space (as well as the conglomeration of all these that we call the body) and the one who is in all these things, separately and as a seeming unit, you have understood the truth. You are established in the path of liberation.


On Liberation Matters

Quote of the day (11-Mar-2020)

When we walk the path of total dissolution, we have to tackle both inner and outer enemies. The outer enemies are triggers, incidents and temptations that cause disturbances and distress inside. Triggers could be people, places, materials, situations and relationships. The inner enemies are patterns, inclinations, character traits, tendencies, habits, so on and so forth. We have to first tackle the outer enemies through acceptance and practicing non-resistance. When you are undisturbed by the world outside, it is easy to tackle the inner world. All enemies are our own creations.


On tackling life

Quote of the day (25-Dec-2019)

Discipline in the chosen practice is as important as acceptance of inclinations while walking the path of liberation. Consistency and concentration are true blessings too, for transcendence to higher awareness. Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and lethargy are its hindrances. We eventually become what we are focused on. When thoughts subside and mind gets freed through sincere integration into the consciousness of guru and through the disciplined practice of awareness, everyone becomes a master.


On True Freedom

Quote of the day (18-Oct-2019)

Recognize your key strength. We all have it.

Explore its highest possibilities as well as dimensions.

Express your highest vision through it with clarity, consistency and conviction.

Ensure the vision is totally selfless.

If your vision is perfect, if you clearly know your goal and destination, even a blurred roadmap is good enough, you will eventually reach home.

You will also have high contentment and glory in life.


On Path to Glory

Quote of the day (10-July-2019)

Mastery turns our organs of perception (mind, intellect, ego) inward. Nothing external affects a master because when the organs of perception are turned inward, he remains pure. Purity is in detachment from worldly emotions, analysis, opinions, concepts and prejudices. It is a state of contentment and joy. It is causeless. It is sustained. It is eternal. Hence internal is eternal.


Talks on the path to immortality

Quote of the day (09-May-2019)

The path of total dissolution is not for the meek and the weak-minded. This is for the bravest of the bravest. This is not for gossip mongers, cowards and the mind-driven. This is for the determined with the will of steel. This is the path of Avadhootas. This is not a feel-good path of comfort zones. This is the path of surprises and uncertainties. This is the path to dissolve and merge. This is the path of extreme flexibility and acceptance. This is the path of survivors. This is the path of Goodness, Selflessness and Righteousness. This is the path of sharing and caring. This is the path of the limitless, the immortal. This is the path of truth and dare. This is the path of dissolution. This is true liberation.


Talks on Path of Pathlessness