Quote of the day (23-Mar-2020)

Sacrifice is essential for attaining stability, peace and for living liberation. Sacrifice selfishness. Sacrifice ego. Sacrifice greed. Sacrifice everything that binds you and restricts you. Sacrifice everything consciously that makes you a slave to it.

This is a real sacrifice. Glory belongs to this.


Essential Sacrifices

Quote of the day (14-Mar-2020)

I am NOT asking you to come to ME. I am asking you to come to YOU. Do not be confused with perceptions, opinions and philosophies of the world. Everything is about YOU. Everything is for YOU. No true master has a need for followers. Since he has found himself, he is only suggesting to you to get back home and find yourself instead of searching for yourself in words, philosophies and the world of images outside of you. By changing shirts your inner situation will not change. By changing religions you do not gain anything. By coming back to yourself, you will gain a lot. You will gain harmony, peace, stability and fulfillment. Most importantly, you will gain yourself.


On Let’s talk truth

Quote of the day (03-Mar-2020)

A beautiful lotus flower has its roots in mud, but is unaffected by it. It always stays afloat. Water does not drench it either.

If the water level increases, it does not drown. If the water level decreases, it does not break or fall. It peacefully survives the unavoidable ups and downs of water levels of life. Life is like this water level. It fluctuates.

Like a lotus flower, wise people stay afloat unaffected, with perfect acceptance and no complaints. Even if life brings dirt of disappointments, estrangements and betrayals to our existence, we should look up and look ahead to the bright sky of possibilities and shine bright with optimism.


Essential optimism

Quote of the day (28-Jan-2020)

Time waits for none. The times we loved unconditionally are the best moments and the times we hated are the worst. Love makes life worthwhile. Hatred makes it miserable. Love and hate are our choices. Wise always choose only love, letting go of adverse moments and forgiving themselves and others for the time, space and experience that they did not agree with.

Death is inevitable. Wise men die peacefully after living a life filled with moments of love, letting go of bad memories through immense acceptance and forgiveness. Regrets and hatreds of life usually make the last moments painful. Never hate anything or anybody. Instead, love unconditionally. Respect oneself and others.

Choose Peace Always.


On A Good Life and Death