Quote of the day (03-May-2020)

Liberation Notes

Avoid, do not Hate

We do not have to hate anyone or anything. We can avoid consciously just like we will spontaneously avoid dangerous things in life. Avoiding what we do not like, leaves less impressions and memories inside us than if we hate them and remember them always. Less impressions means more freedom. Less enemies, lighter is the existence. Lesser distractions, better concentration. Hence, avoid hatred. Avoid people, places and situations that you do not like.


On Living Freedom

Quote of the day (31-Mar-2020)

Nobody can give you anything unless you accept it. Negativity more and positivity less happens in our life only because we accept it in that order. Life is always neutral. A bad thing will not affect you much if your attitude is positive. And a good thing will not be effective enough if your attitude is negative. If you develop the attitude to see only the positive side of everything in life, life will be smooth and painless. Nobody or nothing can affect you ever. Life will always be good.


On Right Attitude