Quote of the day (12-Jan-2020)

Just two questions before every expression, every action, every moment:

⁃ Is the PURPOSE good, unselfish, positive?

⁃ Is your INTENTION pure, benevolent and selfless?

Plus, as much as possible, make sure your method is non-violent.

Do not think anymore. Do not worry about the results. Just do it.


On Right Methods

Quote of the day (22-Sep-2019)

Success is in keep moving. Success is in no procrastination.

Success is in promptness.

Success is in acceptance of mistakes and taking corrective measures without thinking twice.

Success is in a purposeful life.

Success is in humility and acceptance.

Success is in giving way to others and letting them win.

Success is in believing in yourself.

Success is in innovation and determination.

Success is in your unique individuality and the ability to express it consistently without expectations, despite ridicule or lack of acceptance from society.


Success Mantras

Quote of the day (19-Sep-2019)

Consistency. Determination. Ability to stay afloat during the worst tsunamis of life. Clarity of purpose. Humility. Acceptance. Ability to love against a sea of hatred. Selflessness. Purity in thoughts, words and actions. Compassion. Focus. Commonsense. Others first. No Enmity. A balanced outlook. Kindness. Detached from anger, hatred and jealousy. Gratitude. Remembering and supporting friends, allies and those who stood with us during our darkest times. Goodness factor. Ability to rise and function in adverse times. These are a few of my favorite things.


On ingredients of SUCCESS

Quote of the day (09-July-2019)

Whatever is born will also die. Immortality is a state when matter transcends to energy. In terrestrial terms, it is a person’s transition into purpose. Then the person does not exist. Only a personification of purpose exists. Man becomes the mission. When a man becomes his highest selfless purpose, he becomes truly immortal.


On Immortality