Quote of the day (29-Mar-2020)

Inclinations or tendencies are the driving force of every individual. If we support their tendencies, they will love us, however harmful it could be. If we do not support their tendencies, they will hate us and even take revenge on us for blocking their inherent inclinations. Desires are married to inclinations too.


Secrets of Relationships

Quote of the day (17-Jan-2020)

We are a bundle of misunderstandings. All our lives, most of us, live these misunderstandings. Here are some of those:

A. We believe that we are our personalities, based on possessions and positions.

B. We are deciding our lives every day.

C. We own earth, big or small.

D. We are bigger, higher or greater than the other or we are inferior to another.

E. We believe we are this body, mind or personality and struggle to maintain it. Panic when it is affected.

F. We bank heavily on relationships and believe that they are here for our sake while all relationships are as good as individual, independent karma allows. (desire patterns and vasanas or inclinations permits).

G. We experience disappointments when our expectations of permanence fail. We do not remember that everything evolves and changes every moment and nothing that’s born remains the same forever.

These are a few of our favorite, frequent misunderstandings.


On Ironies and Misunderstandings

Quote of the day (11-Jan-2020)

I believe that all of us are wise and intelligent and definitely not blind. Hence, the very moment you start having doubts about my integrity and honesty, the moment you feel that I am misguiding you or exploiting you in any way, you should leave me immediately. I trust you are wise and you can see through the intentions of others. Always be practical and walk away without turning back if my presence no longer suits you. But, you are free to return and restart where you left from, if you ever feel or realize that leaving me was one of the wrong decisions that you took in this lifetime. My doors will always remain open.

We cannot share a healthy relationship with doubts standing between us.


On Healthy Relationships

Quote of the day (08-Jan-2020)

Never bind anybody with your love or with your fears. Binding of any kind causes anxieties, suffocation, pains and disappointments. Those who are bound need to be liberated. Set them free. Freedom maintains love and ensures longevity. Freedom is one of the highest gifts that you can give to anyone. Death sets us free from all relationships and possessions. Life should set us free through elevated awareness about the truth of life.


Born Free