Quote of the day (25-May-2020)

There are many saints in the world. There have always been. But the world fails to see them because it looks for those who live in a particular way, as connected to God. Sainthood is an attitude. Sainthood means living detachment without suppression as the core of existence. Sainthood means selflessness. Sainthood also means existing for the sake of others while accepting, respecting what you have, without asking or expecting more. Sainthood is our ability to give what we have, unconditionally. There lived such saints like Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla amongst us. Because they were not associated with a church or typical divine work, we don’t see them as saints.

About Bob Marley

Quote of the day (27-Mar-2020)

Cruelty-free lifestyle, Ahimsa, and respect towards all creations are clear signs of human refinement. At this juncture of our existence when isolation became essential, reunification should happen based on humanity and human refinement, not again on the basis of caste, country, culture, color, religion or language boundaries. Humans need humanity to be humans and humanity needs a world without boundaries.


On Essential Humanity

Quote of the day (07-Mar-2020)

Respect cannot be demanded, it has to be earned. Self-respect is the primary respect and essential requisite. It will mature into respect for all beings spontaneously. We will never hurt another being through thoughts, words or expressions when self-respect becomes our operating platform. Awareness of “rights” will become responsibilities.


On Respect

Quote of the day (11-Feb-2020)

The longevity of appreciation is usually until the next criticism. We should never be proud of appreciation nor depressed because of criticism as both are temporary. So is respect and contempt as well as success and failure. All are different flavors of life. They come and go with time.


On Absolute Wisdom

Quote of the day (03-Feb-2020)

The generations to come will consider the pre-technology era as the dark age and the post-high-tech communication era as the new age. But looking at awareness levels, mankind has not progressed a bit. In fact, technology seems to have made human minds degenerated, more self-centered and insensitive. The virtual life has created distance more than connections, or perhaps unreal, imaginary connections such as social media platforms. So, perhaps the dark age began when technology made us islands instead of unifying the world in love and harmony.

India never had a dark age. When generations lived in respect and harmony, there cannot be a dark age. India explored, identified and realized the essence of existence, the God particle within every creation, loved it and respected it. India believed in Ahimsa (non-violence) as the highest righteous duty and never attacked any nations. This identification spared this land from the state of ignorance connected to non-understanding of truth and value of life. Our great literature like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas are all testimonials of great refinement. We never had a dark age.


On Dark ages

Quote of the day (28-Jan-2020)

Time waits for none. The times we loved unconditionally are the best moments and the times we hated are the worst. Love makes life worthwhile. Hatred makes it miserable. Love and hate are our choices. Wise always choose only love, letting go of adverse moments and forgiving themselves and others for the time, space and experience that they did not agree with.

Death is inevitable. Wise men die peacefully after living a life filled with moments of love, letting go of bad memories through immense acceptance and forgiveness. Regrets and hatreds of life usually make the last moments painful. Never hate anything or anybody. Instead, love unconditionally. Respect oneself and others.

Choose Peace Always.


On A Good Life and Death