Quote of the day (25-May-2020)

There are many saints in the world. There have always been. But the world fails to see them because it looks for those who live in a particular way, as connected to God. Sainthood is an attitude. Sainthood means living detachment without suppression as the core of existence. Sainthood means selflessness. Sainthood also means existing for the sake of others while accepting, respecting what you have, without asking or expecting more. Sainthood is our ability to give what we have, unconditionally. There lived such saints like Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla amongst us. Because they were not associated with a church or typical divine work, we don’t see them as saints.

About Bob Marley

Quote of the day (10-Mar-2020)

From times of utter chaos and confusion, when the world craves for redemption, will rise a man with absolute clarity and truthfulness. He would be the Messiah, the Avatar of the time. He would be authentic and uncompromising in righteousness. He would set trends and change ways and methods. He would make his own laws based on truthfulness, selflessness and righteousness, and may even break the existing ones to prove points. He would think differently, act differently, live differently and hence may offend conformists because of that.

Society may view him with skepticism and suspicion. But he will change the course of history and will set trends in the way the future generations will perceive life. Contemporaries may view him with contempt, while generations after him will consider him as an Avatar.


On Avatars do Happen

Quote of the day (30-Jan-2020)

Great masters will be devoid of ego. The ego dies when the self is realized.

Automatically, me and mine, likes and dislikes, right and wrong, ownerships and doership, rights and possessiveness, enmity towards people and resistance to happenings, discrimination using any criteria will dissolve forever. Only compassion, kindness, selflessness, unconditional love and innocence will remain.


On State of True Masters

Quote of the day (12-Jan-2020)

Just two questions before every expression, every action, every moment:

⁃ Is the PURPOSE good, unselfish, positive?

⁃ Is your INTENTION pure, benevolent and selfless?

Plus, as much as possible, make sure your method is non-violent.

Do not think anymore. Do not worry about the results. Just do it.


On Right Methods

Quote of the day (01-Jan-2020)

Hate none. Judge none. Criticize none. Gossip about none. Degrade none. Minimize none. Condemn none. Character assassinate none. Shed no blood. Kill no being. No jealousy. No revenge.

Love everyone. Serve everyone.

Always remember, destiny records all thoughts, words and actions and gives appropriate results to everyone always.

Just accept. Just witness. Just respect.

Respect yourself and respect all lives around you.


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