Quote of the day (20-Dec-2019)

Speak the truth. Speak only the truth. Speak only if you really know the truth. If you do not know the real truth do not speak. If you know the reason for the incident, you can know the truth. If you only know the incident, you may not know the reason for it. If you do not know the reason, do not speak. Even if you know the truth and if spoken it will hurt many people, do not speak. Speak kindly. Speak with benevolence. Speak with love. Speak out of love and compassion. Never speak out of anger and hatred. Always speak the truth. If you do not know the truth, do not speak. Do not parrot others’ opinions. Silence is always a powerful language.


On Right Speech

Quote of the day (16-Dec-2019)

Non-manifested universe – Bright. Light. Pure Energy.

Manifested Universe – Pure Energy conglomerated into the tangible matter with boundaries and dimensions.

When the manifested universe materialized out of the non-manifested universe, the non-manifested universe remained without changes. When sounds come out of silence, silence remains the same. When waves come out of the ocean, the ocean remains the same.


On unchanging truths

Quote of the day (29-Nov-2019)

There are many great teachers, personal and inevitable teachers – irrespective of individual qualifications, in everyone’s life. They are various events and experiences of life. We just need eyes to see them and awareness to recognize them.

Of all teachers, life itself is the master teacher, the greatest of them all. No teacher is greater or higher than LIFE.

We can also cultivate a few good teachers, such as patience and silence. They help us see truths of life objectively beyond the opinions of minds.


On Great Teachers