Quote of the day (01-May-2020)

When a man is deeply attached to the burden of his memories, sensory pleasures, emotions, concepts, prejudices and insecurities, how can he ever know the truth and true freedom? Freedom is a perpetual state. You are always free from everything connected to an incarnation, as an unattached soul. You don’t have nor need any baggage ever.


The Soul Song

Quote of the day (17-Feb-2020)

Soul consciousness spontaneously reveals all our past lives. Even though our soul stores no memories, being one with the soul will open up all the dimensions of awareness automatically. But it will not have any relevance to us when we get there. They will just feel like the milestones that we traveled past.


On Real Regression

Quote of the day (02-Feb-2020)

The secret is in stillness. That is the state of the soul. While the body, mind, intellect and ego experience the moving world, the soul remains still within, totally unaffected. That is the true state, the state of highest Samadhi, the eternal state of Shiva. The state of Immortality.


On Speaking Stillness

Quote of the day (27-Dec-2019)

When a seeker connects to the source deeper and deeper, with concentration and consistency, extrasensory perceptions and powers get awakened from within spontaneously. They are not to be displayed to prove to the world of delusions. Instead, they should be totally ignored, or else they will maintain ego, the great wall between the soul and the source. If unattached to spiritual powers, there will be no contamination and associated consequences. Every intervention has a karmic price. Nothing is free. If at all a master needs to intervene in the life of a karmic being, it is essential to maintain the purity of intention and lack of ownership of action.


On the use of Spiritual Powers