Quote of the day (02-Apr-2020)

Lack of awareness of the difference between spirituality and religion is the cause of most confusions in the world. Spirituality means finding the truth within oneself which brings forth mastery over mind-matter. Religions are road maps to oneself and the God within. Spirituality is an individual’s journey to himself.


On religions and spirituality

Quote of the day (12-Feb-2020)

Manipulators use illusions, seeming miracles and various temptations to create smoke and smokescreen in the minds of ignorant people. Always remember to stick to reality and truth. God needs nothing from anyone. Everything belongs to God. We need to realize God within us. This needs our own concentrated effort. Nobody else can do it for us. The spiritual journey is always your inner journey. Nobody else can walk this path on our behalf.


On Fake Guides

Quote of the day (27-Jan-2020)

I have always maintained that being practical is the first step towards being spiritual. We cannot ignore our basic states such as inherent inclinations, tendencies and desires, and escape to spiritual places imagining that the basic states will disappear. This is equal to the ostrich putting its head in the sand and believing that it’s safe from enemies. Man is driven by inclinations, basic personal tendencies. This added to pending desires for multiple aspects of existence causes thoughts, expressions and actions. Every desire seeks fulfillment. Here, all we can do is to keep the intellect on top of emotions and lead a life of awareness. This helps witnesshood which in turn helps detachment without longing for that thing that he has detached from. Detachment is not suppression. Suppression is only postponement. Detachment means desires for something dropped off forever. So, instead of just deciding to follow a spiritual master blindly imagining that he is going to shoulder all your problems and pay your bills, (joking), be practical. Do not pretend to yourself. Do not cheat your own conscience. If you have desires for something, you have desires for that thing. Accept it. Now use your intellect, your processor for analysis and decide if it is essential to fulfill or it can be ignored. If you chose to ignore, see if that desire is still bothering, which means it is craving for Fulfilment. Thus, alert awareness diminishes your thoughts, expressions and actions. Intellect seldom commits mistakes. Mistakes are brethren of emotions. Hence, if intellect is available all the time, there will be lesser regrets and guilt. Life will be reasonably clear and clean. Be practical. Understand and accept. Do not have blind faith and borrowed beliefs. Use your own faculties to create your own path and dare to walk the path that you have created for yourself, unapologetically.


On Importance of Being Practical

Quote of the day (31-Dec-2019)

Total loss is total gain.

When “me” and “mine” are totally lost, we become everything.

When whatever we identify with is lost, we become everything.

When you and I have no separation, we become complete love.

When we totally lose our limitedness, we become the universe.

When light appears, darkness loses itself into the light.

When wisdom dawns, ignorance loses itself.

When I lost myself, I became everyone.


On True Spirituality